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Here’s Dee

Hi Everyone, I’ve been told to get my ass in gear and get my blog up and running, so here goes.

I recently received some great news in the form of positive reviews. I’d like to share an excerpt or two:

This story is wonderfully well-written and humorous. Lots of hot, steamy sex and a foursome give thrills and delights. The trials and finally the happiness that each find, take us on a journey not easily explained but is still a thrill to read. Dee Dawning has given us a delightful, steamy story filled with happiness and humor. It is just the beginning for these women and their significant others that is sure to keep you reading page after page. I loved the interaction and the humor she has included in the story and it is one that I will continue to follow.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Link to full review:

I love how Ms. Dawning allows the characters to tell their own stories, giving us an intimate view into their thoughts and emotions. Just when we think each lady is getting a happily ever after, a few weird adversaries are thrown into the picture…wacko exes and love struck sex partners just fly out of the woodworks!

FORTUNE COOKIES has a Sex in the City feel to it and is really well written. The stories flow smoothly, and the characters grab your attention and won’t let go. Each of the women is distinct and beautiful in her own way. Rita is a beautiful supermodel who has a heart of gold. Jill is the understanding and forgiving type who is the most supportive of the group. Gail is the intelligent and sassy go-getter. While Sandy, on the other hand, is the wealthy socialite who is unhappy despite her numerous possessions.
Ariel Summer – Romance Reviews Today

Link to full review:

Check out the reviews and let me know what you think.

All the Best, Dee


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