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Sex and Seduction – BANANAZ

BANANAZ, A new short story, which I hope to continue into a novella, was included in a new anthology released last month. The publisher is Xcite Books and the anthology is Sex and Seduction.

This is my first of two short story to be included in one of their anthologies; another titled THE SEX THERAPIST will be included in a book appropriately called Five Minute Fantasies.

This is some good hot reading.Check it out!

Here is a short excerpt from Bananaz:

Wearing her skimpiest black micro-bikini, Teri’s long blond hair is visible to me as is her hourglass figure and fine, shapely legs, which join at her remarkable derriere. Her head is thrown back slightly and I can see that one of her arms is performing something near her face. Since I cannot make out what Teri is up to, I study the other girls for clues. They are without exception lovely: a Hispanic raven-haired, dark eyed beauty, a red head with a fair complexion, freckles and all, (How I love redheads.) and an African American charmer, whom I recognize from Teri’s practices. Having never met, I assume the other two are fellow dancers of Teri’s as well.
The black beauty, who stands almost directly opposite me, locks eyes and smiles. What a fantastic smile, with perfect pearly white teeth contrasting her medium brown coloring. As her eyes fix on mine and she tosses me a kiss with her lips, then lifts up a yellow object and inserts it into her mouth. I realize it is a banana. Still, watching me with mischievous glee in her bright eyes, she shoves it in and out, stroking the remainder of the banana with her other hand.

Warmest regards, Dee

Sex and Seduction - BANANAZ

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