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Five Minute Fantasies – THE SEX THERAPIST

My latest short story- The Sex Therapist – will be story number ten in the new anthology from Xcite Books – Five Minute Fantasies 3

This is a story about a middle aged woman who takes a young man under her wing to show him her sexual wiles.

Here’s a short exerpt:

I was surprised. Bobby was a handsome, personable young man and should not have trouble finding companionship. I decided I liked Bobby and would try to help him.
“What makes you think I can help him?”
“I don’t know. I just have a feeling. You’re friendly, jovial, have a great personality and you said yourself that you know a lot about foreplay and sex.”
I looked at Bobby. “Let me ask you a question, Bobby? Are you a good lover?”
“What do you mean?”
“What I mean, dear Bobby, is, do you consider yourself a good FUCK!”
Bobby turned bright red.
I laughed, “Boy, you are a shy one, aren’t you? I have an idea. Did the two of you come together?”
Bobby answered, “Yes, I left my car at Gary’s.”
“Gary, Bobby and I are going to get into some personal matters. Would you be a dear and leave Bobby here tonight and pick him up in the morning? That is if it’s all right with you, Bobby?”
Bobby turned even redder. “Ah … yes … I suppose so.”

Warm regards, Dee


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