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The Right Hand of Allah

Thought I’d share a new five star review we received on The Right Hand of Allah, from Midwest Book Reviews:

Five Stars, Review by MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWS: Written by D.E. Dawning, The Right Hand of Allah is an action-packed novel about a counterterrorism agent thrust into an extraordinary position. When a terrorist bomb claims Kelly Rogers’ life, he reawakens in the injured body of his Arab killer. Rogers is propelled into international counterterrorism intrigue, supported by two extraordinary women (one, the wife of his killer and the other his handler as well as possibly the most deadly woman alive) and hailed as a ‘Chosen One’ prophet who allegedly met with Allah in Heaven. A building vortex of action and adventure forms the heart of this fast-paced, thrilling odyssey.

Here is an excerpt from The Right Hand of Allah: After barely missing a large delivery truck while running a second red light, Jane saw the minarets, and drove even faster. She was doing about a hundred kilometers per hour down side streets, and she made it in less than five minutes. When she pulled into the parking lot, two Mercedes SUVs had boxed in Haman and Mariam. Haman appeared to have been shot and wasn’t moving. They were pushing Mariam into one of the trucks. Jane pulled right behind that vehicle, boxing it in between Haman’s car and a large garbage dumpster. She got out of the car firing. The first thing she did was shoot out two tires on each vehicle. They were starting to fire back. She retreated behind the car and shot the driver of the trapped vehicle, who was trying to push her car backwards. She must have killed him, for his accomplice shoved his body out of the door and took over trying to push Jane’s car out of the way. In the meantime, the other SUV was attempting to make its escape on two flat tires. Jane put a tight pattern of four bullets into the area of the SUV’s gas tank, and it exploded.
Kelly, like Jane, didn’t miss a beat. He jumped out and rushed the blocked-in vehicle. When a kidnapper with an Uzi jumped out of the rear door and aimed right at Kelly, he could see Mariam screaming, and everything seemed to slow down. As Kelly left his feet, he felt three bullets hit him but they didn’t stop him. The shooter was astonished that Kelly continued coming. He looked at his gun like was firing blanks when Kelly crashed into him. Kelly knocked the gun out of his hand with his left hand and simultaneously crushed his larynx with the right. With the first assailant lying on the pavement gasping for air, Kelly glanced past the rear door. There was another very scared gunman with a gun to Mariam’s head.

Best regards, D.E.141963415101_ss500_sclzzzzzzz_v60990335_.jpg

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