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Fabulous Review on The Right Hand of Allah

As Nice as last weeks review on The Right Hand of Allah was the latest one seems to be effusive in it’s praise. Can y’all see my chest puffing out? Well without further ado here’s Reader Views View.

71-01 Hwy 71 W #200 Ausrin, Texas 78735 512.288.8555
The Right Hand of Allah D.E. Dawning
BookSurge (2006)
ISBN 9781419634154
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (5/07)
“The Right Hand of Allah” has my favorite fictional elements contained within it: science fiction, erotica, and suspense. When counterterrorist agent Kelly Rogers is blown up by his bodyguard Saleem Rhamsy, they both end up dying. Saleem actually dies twice. During this event, Kelly’s consciousness and soul are transferred into Saleem’s body. Once Kelly adjusts to this idea, he is able to make good use of the tall, dark and handsome killer’s body. Through some difficulty, he is able to convince the CIA that he is really Kelly Rogers and that they should use his new appearance to their advantage for gathering information on the terrorists.
Kelly is aided by two beautiful, sexy women. The first is Jane. She works with him. She trains him on how to use his new physique to his advantage. This doesn’t just involve the art of killing; it also involves the art of seduction. Kelly is able to access memories from Saleem and this helps him to fool more people, including Saleem’s beautiful wife Mariam. Mariam isn’t fooled for too long and she starts questioning who Saleem really is. Kelly has to fmd out if she will help him or hurt him.
Because of Saleem’s experiences with death, the Islamic factions believe that he is the true right hand of Allah. He infiltrates their group and is able to get information on upcoming terrorist attacks on the United States. He also discovers that a neo-Nazi group has some involvement with the attacks. He is forced to use his seductive arts of persuasion to get information /Tom a beautiful German neo-Nazi. He discovers that the plot against the United States is bigger than can be imagined and that many of the mid-eastern terrorist groups have banded together in their plans.
“The Right Hand of Allah” was a blast to read. I totally enjoyed it. What made it the most fun was that Kelly’s character starts out as a fairly modest, humble man. When he is thrown into Saleem’s body, he has to learn to use it to his advantage. His enjoyment of the situation made it more fun to read, than ifhe started out as an egotistic superhero. I also liked the paranormal elements in the story. As the plot was thickening, Kelly discovers that he has more physical abilities and he is able to use them to protect the people close to him. I also really liked Jane. She is a very confident woman, who has mastered both the art of seduction and killing. I like a good suspense with a strong woman! I also enjoyed the plot. The Islamic terrorists didn’t appear too bright, but then they don’t in real life either. This is a great story to read that is very up to date with our current times.
The Right Hand of Allah

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