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As Promised

Here we are. The sun is about to rise on another day and I promised another excerpt from my new book LEGS

As expected, Friday at JoJo’s was a madhouse. Drew spied Mallory beating a path through the buzzards toward the rear bar. He edged over to the front bar, where he could best keep an eye on her. Squeezing between two customers, he stood with his back to the bar in order to watch his fine-looking mark. As anticipated, she joined her friend Paige.

Admiring his quarry, his mind wandered. She was so extraordinarily beautiful. Tall and lithe with cascading blonde curls, mesmerizing blue eyes, angelic face and fantastic legs. Ahh, those legs. They excited him. Sitting on her stool, her wondrous legs crossed, she turned and gazed across the room. A chill went through him when, for a fleeting moment, their eyes met. After months of following and learning everything I can about her, I’m falling in love with her.

The bartender wrenched Drew out of his reverie. “What’ll you have, Buddy?”

He looked over his shoulder. “I’ll take a Seven-Up.”

“One Seven-Up coming up.”

Drew returned to his thoughts, How can I do what I must? Can I get out of it? No, that won’t work, someone else will be sent. I must get close to her somehow, and protect her from the Prince.


The lounge portion of JoJo’s had three bars – one to the left of the entrance, a service bar near the restaurant and the main bar, her friend Paige liked, in the rear. For girls, it was good because it was near the ladies room, but the bad thing was you had to pass through a multitude of bawdy drunks on the make to get to it.

“Damn-it! Let go of me, you… And don’t touch me again… Creep!” Mallory shrilled as she extricated herself from the grabby hands of yet another rude, drunken God’s gift to women.

Exactly, what is the attraction of this place?
Mallory half thought, half mumbled to herself.

Mallory wove her way through the masses of semi-intoxicated, on the make, male customers, perpetually searching for free hor’ douvres, half price Happy Hour drinks and if they got lucky—a one night stand.

I’m nobody’s one night stand!

If you were expecting a hot one I’m sorry. They can’t all be steamy.

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