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Other News and Legs Excerpt

Okay. Here’s the other exciting news, I mentioned.

First I have been interviewed by Fallen Angels Reviews. The interview is scheduled to be released in July. Look for it.

Next, I now have a page on MySpace. Check it out. for the latest news on Dee Dawning, pictures, friends etc.

My fourth novel ‘Getting Naked at the Hilton’ is complete and my publisher is evaluating it. Here’s a blurb on it:

For Rachel, sex isn’t dirty; it’s a celebration of life. Rachel Cooke doesn’t give it to just anyone, but once she does, she enjoys it
to the maximum, so prepare for the sexual experience of your life.

Rachel, can’t help but notice the luscious man sitting next to her at the bar in Pokey’s restaurant and lounge. His name is Scott and he seems preoccupied. When he starts mumbling indelicacies about Reverend Falwell and someone named Carol, Rachel’s innocent question appears to set inevitable romantic forces in motion.

They go dancing and as the evening progresses, so does their attraction. It’s evident they desire each other but Rachel has issues. It’s not obvious, but Rachel has a mixed race background and after just ending a disastrous relationship with Lester, her agent, she is not about to get close to anyone without laying her cards on the table. When Scott casually remarks that like her, he too, is only interested in getting to know her and if she happened to be sitting naked next to him, he wouldn’t lay a hand on her. She takes him up on it.

This leads them to spend a sexless night, fully naked in her Hilton hotel suite, a test of his resolve and character. Scott has no idea of the sexual adventuress that lies beneath Rachel’s demur, delightfully perky persona and after a wet hot passionate interlude in the shower, the following morning, all hell breaks loose and they wind up making love everywhere. Even in the depths of Hoover Dam.

I’m now working on my first bonifide, true Paranormal, ‘Hollywood Witches’, which I hope to the ready for publication by Halloween.

Now for the next excerpt from Legs.


Mallory awoke with a killer headache and no idea where she was. She remembered nothing and didn’t know how she got wherever she was. She was in a bed, apparently in a bedroom furnished in a Middle Eastern motif.

She glanced at the dresser mirror and was shocked. Her waist long, blonde hair was trussed up, mostly covered by a scarlet scarf and she was wearing a matching scarlet veil across her nose and mouth.

Rising on unsteady legs, she could see she was fully covered, by a red shawl. Mallory was terrified. She was dressed as an Arab woman of means.

Mallory walked to the window and reached for the drape, when a woman entered the room dressed as she, but in blue. She let her veil down so Mallory could see her face and spoke in excellent English. “I am Morina, daughter of Ali by his second wife, Sylema. I am in charge of our master’s concubines. Your unequaled beauty has elevated you above the rest of the concubine. You shall have the honor of becoming Ali’s fourth wife.”

A cold chill passed through Mallory. Perspiration appeared on her forehead and her cheeks flushed hot. She had progressed from alarmed to horrified. Her eyes grew wide. She was in code red. There was no higher. “I will not be anyone’s wife. I have been kidnapped. I am a U.S. citizen. I demand I be returned to America forthwith.” Anger filled her voice.

While Morina gathered her thoughts to respond, Mallory dashed past her and through the door which Morina had left open, right into the arms of a behemoth. She flailed at him, kicking and screaming but he was too large. He smiled, shoved her back inside the room and closed the door. “It is useless to run. No one has ever escaped from here.” Morina said smugly.

Mallory studied this woman. She was young, probably under twenty. She was dark with obsidian eyes. Her face was triangular but attractive, with a small mole on the apex of her left cheek. Her friendly face was reflected in a bright, if sympathetic smile. Is this woman an enemy or a possible ally?

“My father has personally selected you to be his wife. This is an honor you dare not refuse. Your life, like that of the one who soiled you, could be forfeit.”

What did she mean—‘the one who soiled you? There was someone she recalled. Why can’t I remember?’ “Tell me about the one who soiled me.”

“His name is Khalid, but you know him as Drew. He was supposed to deliver you, but never put his sex in you. He will be sent back to Saudi Arabia and beheaded.”

“Beheaded?” A vision of Drew making love to her flashed in her mind. “For screwing me he gets beheaded?”

“Yes, you are lucky you are an American infidel and did not know our laws or you could be buried to your neck and stoned for adultery.”

“Adultery? What are you talking about? I’m not married. I don’t even have a boyfriend.”

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Back tomorrow with another. Maybe it’ll be a scorcher.

Stay cool, Dee

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  1. you must convice Yvette of Amira Press that I do all you cover art .

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