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Fortune Cookies

Hi, I’ve been so intent on making everyone aware of my new book, Legs, I have been overlooking my other books. Fortune Cookies is a zany, provocative story about multiple couples finding love in a most unusual way.

Fortune Cookies is a deliciously naughty, whimsical, romantic story describing four friends, professional women all, on a paranormal journey into the supernatural in search of love, fulfillment and happiness. It is a novel for couples, about couples. Forget Sex in the City and Desperate Housewives. Fortune Cookies is erotic, it’s sensuous, it’s funny. It is Chick-lit meets Erotic/Romance. Read it and you’ll agree it’s different.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were something that would lead you directly to your sex/soulmate? No singles bars no hit and miss dating services, no anxiety, no broken hearts. This bizarre experience happened to TV anchorwoman, Jill Sinclair after ingesting a designer fortune cookie. Then Jill invites her best friends, former college classmates to join her for lunch at Eddie Chang’s Chinese restaurant, The purpose of which is to reveal her fortuitous discovery and invite them to join her and her handsome paramour, Chad, on a similar sensual journey for love.

Excerpt from Prologue: (Warning, SCORCHER!!! Over 18 only, Please)

Without warning the chill of fear surged through her entire body. She sensed someone or something was in the room with her. Her eyes roamed around the apartment spying nothing, yet the feeling increased. A frigid breeze gave her goose flesh. She felt damp and looked down. “What the …” She was naked. What happened to my gown? She was naked, shivering and clammy.

Then, a cloud of vapor appeared and an apparition materialized. An odd-looking Chinese man abruptly materialized before her unbelieving eyes. Modestly, she positioned her left arm across her naked breasts and right hand over her pubis. The man was middle aged, about five-six, sporting a long Fu Manchu mustache and matching pigtails. He was clothed in somewhat older traditional Chinese attire.

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed movement. Beyond him in the corner – there was a silhouette … no, it was more like someone’s shadow, blending in with other shadows behind and to the right of the peculiar little man.

He bowed, and said in hurried, broken English, “Not to worry, Jill. Me, Eddie, eat this please.” He knows my name. He passed a small object to her. For some reason, Jill couldn’t seem to focus her eyes on it. She could only determine its color — red. To her surprise, she ingested it without question. “Aww, so pretty! You will make your man very happy.” Eddie turned. At his direction, the shadow approached and came into the light. It was a man and he, like she, was naked. He was tall, his body was lean, sensuous and he stood erect, but like the red object, She couldn’t make out the features of his face.

Settling on the far end of the couch, She could sense he was studying her. If I could only see his face. Fortunately, her fear had diminished, along with the cold. Friendly warmth had replaced the chill. Eddie imparted a matching red object to the man, which he consumed. Then in the next instant, Eddie vanished, leaving Jill alone with the sexy, naked man.

The Stranger slid along the couch coming closer. As his hip touched hers she felt a thrilling sensation. He had a pungent, sensual aroma. It made her think of sex. He slowly reached over and grasped her left hand, forcing a shiver up her spine as he pulled her arm away from her breasts.


Angst replaced her fear as he moved even closer. With his face within inches, he rubbed the back of his hand across her cheek and lips. Stroking her hair, he leaned in and nibbled on her earlobe. Her nipples tingled. As if sensing this, he touched her now exposed breasts, moving his fingers in a circular motion around her protruding nipples and sending shockwaves to her privates. Then, his tongue began a slow moist descent to her breasts. When his lips encircled her nipple, he took it into the warmth of his mouth; she swooned, nearly losing consciousness. Like a morning fog, desire had descended upon her, replacing her anxiety with lust.

He touched her other hand – the one covering her mound – and spoke for only the second time. “May I?” His voice was deep and melodious. Involuntarily, she nodded. She saw a hint of a smile on his lips. A glint in his eyes. After he had moved her hand, he spread her legs apart and placed his hand upon her pubis. “Very nice, they have chosen well.”

“Who are you?” She dared ask.

A seductive smile formed upon his lips. Then with his rich voice he responded, “I am your lover. I am here to give you the pleasure of the gods. To make passionate love to you.” Once again, laving her ear canal, he reached up to tease her nipple. She went wild. Never, in her entire, admittedly limited, sexual experience has she been this aroused. Is it possible for a perfect stranger to weave such a spell on someone? To make them feel aflame – to engender such hunger one must possess them, or explode?

Serving to double her previous excitement, his free hand gently massaged her clitoris. Even though his touch was barely perceptible, she felt a new wave of desire sweep over her. “Why are you doing this to me?” She uttered pathetically.

“You have willed it. I am your match, we are one, forever.”

She grabbed his engorged organ. It was thick and velvety. If I don’t have this inside me soon, I feel like I’ll melt from unrestrained lust. “But, I don’t know you?” She whispered meekly, while continuing to stroke his erection. His tongue entered her mouth seeking its likeness while his manly fingers worked their way further into her nether regions. Her kitty was no longer purring. It was aflame. Her breasts were on fire. She felt in danger of spontaneous combustion. She had to put out the fire. She had to have him!

Between amorous kisses, almost as an afterthought, he whispered back, “Can you think of a better way to get to know me?”

So Don’t forget Fortune Cookies available at . fortunecookies-3.jpg

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  1. MK…

    I would have to disagree ,but NOVELL: Novell Open PR ” Blog Archive ” Fortune Magazine article is definately a good read……

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