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Legs is Available

At midnight this morning Legs became available for purchase at


Starting at: $5.50
ISBN: 978-1-934475-11-9
Genre: Erotica
Cover Artist: Cliff Vestergaard
Book Length: Full Length
(18 and over only)

Mallory Robbins, a top fashion model and fast rising movie starlet, wakes up in an unknown location, after a blissful night with an exquisite, attentive lover and no memory of her whereabouts.

Enduring a severe headache, she becomes terrified when she catches a glimpse of herself in a dresser mirror wearing the authentic coverings, including a veil, of a wealthy devout Muslim woman.

To make matters worse she finds out she has been kidnapped to become the wife of a Saudi Prince and her lover of the previous evening is scheduled to be beheaded.

EXCERPT:(Warning – Scorcher!!! Over 18 only, Please)

It was almost 10:00 PM, when Mallory pulled into her garage. She hadn’t arrived a minute too soon. On edge, she couldn’t get her marvelously lewd episode out of her mind. After changing into a crimson nightgown and robe, she thought for a second about fixing something to eat, but opted to pour a glass of wine instead. Maybe it would help dull the yearning she still felt.

Lounging on the couch, she flipped on the TV. Usually, she watched the news, but she was considering something she had never done and wasn’t quite sure how to go about it—finding a naughty pay-per-view movie. She’d decided to try it, when the doorbell rang.

At the door, through the peephole she saw Drew. Mallory was exuberant. Similar to Pavlov’s dog, Mallory’s pussy became ravenous. She quickly undid the lock deadbolts and opened the door. Had he come to rescue the damsel in desire?

He flashed his dreamy smile. “I just wanted to make sure you got—”

Mallory laid a giant hot kiss upon his smiling lips. Laughing at his shocked face as she pulled away, she grabbed his arm and yanked him inside.

She muttered, “What took you so long.” Putting both of her hands to his face, she positioned her lips to his for another long, passionate kiss. Her hands roved around his cheeks and through his dark brown hair. His hand found her breast, kneading and teasing her distended nipple, while his other hand grasped her buttock.

She took his hand from her ass, kissed it and smiled. “You have experienced me au naturel and now it’s my turn.”

Mallory turned to lead Drew to her bedroom, but he pulled her back into an embrace as if they were dancing the tango. They kissed once more as he lifted her into his arms. He kissed her ear and nibbled on her earlobe, sending shivers to her sensitive nether regions.

As he carried her into the bedroom, he whispered in her ear “You can see me naked and do anything you want, after I have an encore with your pussy.”

After he deposited her gently on the side of the bed, she lay down with her head almost directly under him, looking up, admiring him as he undressed. He seemed to be about four inches taller than she was which would make him six foot. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him, yet he wasn’t skinny, nor was he muscular, except for his broad shoulders. He was lean and wiry. Tracings of dark body hair were located on a wide area of his chest running a narrow path from through his navel to the waistband of his briefs.

When he pulled his underwear off, Mallory drew in her breath. Drew’s partially erect masculinity must have been close to seven inches long. He stood alongside the bed, almost directly over her, his half-erect sex jutting out from his flat abdomen. Mallory looked up past his scrotum at the bottom of Drew’s thick phallus. It was roughly a foot above her and she studied it for a second before reaching up stroking his shaft. It felt silky smooth. As she stroked his manhood, it began to rise and grow even larger. Scooting around on the bed so she was sitting on the bed with her legs over the edge on both sides of Drew’s legs, she started to take his large shaft in her mouth, but Drew stopped her.

That’s all for now. Be sure to order Legs – a contemporary/romance, an action/thriller, an erotic/suspense a book like no other.

Thanks for stopping by, Dee

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