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More on Fortune Cookies

We touched on Fortune Cookies a few days ago in the middle of my LEGS promotion, but I want everyone to know FC is a really good book. To date it has received five glowing reviews from romance review websites. It would take up a lot of space to show all five reviews so I’m going to post excerpts from each review. The full review is available at each site should you wish to read it. I follow that with and excerpt from Chapter two when two of the main characters, Jill and Chad meet.


This story is wonderfully well-written and humorous. Lots of hot, steamy sex and a foursome give thrills and delights. The trials and finally the happiness that each find, take us on a journey not easily explained but is still a thrill to read. Dee Dawning has given us a delightful, steamy story filled with happiness and humor. It is just the beginning for these women and their significant others that is sure to keep you reading page after page. I loved the interaction and the humor she has included in the story and it is one that I will continue to follow.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


FORTUNE COOKIES has a Sex in the City/Desperate Housewives feel to it and is really well written. The stories flow smoothly, and the characters grab your attention and won’t let go. Each of the women is distinct and beautiful in her own way. Rita is a beautiful supermodel who has a heart of gold. Jill is the understanding and forgiving type who is the most supportive of the group. Gail is the intelligent and sassy go-getter. While Sandy, on the other hand, is the wealthy socialite who is unhappy despite her numerous possessions.

I love how Ms. Dawning allows the characters to tell their own stories, giving us an intimate view into their thoughts and emotions. Just when we think each lady is getting a happily ever after, a few weird adversaries are thrown into the picture…wacko exes and love struck sex partners just fly out of the woodworks!

Ariel Summer

Reviewer for Romance Reviews Today


Dee Dawning has a gifted imagination, which shines through this rather convoluted plot. Her five main characters (the four ladies and Eddie Chang) and the numerous men who become involved in the story are well delineated. The dialogue is snappy and the sensuality sizzles, and often. Readers looking for a hot erotic story with an unusual paranormal tilt in a contemporary setting will really enjoy Fortune Cookies.


Two Lips Reviews


Dee Dawning’s FORTUNE COOKIES is a fast-paced fun read that is sure to thrill readers with the variety of likeable characters and situations … and let’s face it, lots of imaginative sex. I loved the close knit relationship that the women share and how safe each feels confiding in each other. Would you turn down a chance to be led to the perfect man for you in every way? There’s no guarantee that it’ll be roses and caviar and even relationships brought on by mysterious circumstances require some effort but it’d be so nice to know that the time and effort you put into a relationship in the first place is worth it. This is a hilariously fun book, which I think many readers will find highly enjoyable.

Chrissy Dionne

Romance Junkies.


Fortune Cookies is a great read. The girls are a delight and the way they have kept their close ties since college is well crafted into the book. The emotion of their trials that leads them to finding happiness allows the reader to fill the ups and downs that often accompany life. Sometimes it is hard to believe that the professional women, with a clear head on their shoulder, would have such problems but this story touches that even those with priorities often have hardships. Dee Dawning has written a book with wit, sizzling sex and some ecstasy throughout the pages. She adds some humor and contact between the women that make them breathe life in this page-turner. Who would have thought the simple fortune cookie could bring so much joy not only to the friends, in the story, but also to the reader?

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Fallen Angel Reviews


Excerpt from Chapter Two

Shortly before they finished lunch, a rainstorm began. The rainfall caught both of them without an umbrella. They said goodbye in the entry of the restaurant, then Beverly started to run back to the studio. Jill had an assignment to complete, so she sat down at the nearby bus stop to wait for a bus. She felt lucky because it was covered, which kept the rain off her, but that lasted only until Chad showed up.

Jill sat there, reading a Danielle Steele paperback, waiting for the bus, when without warning; she was swamped by a wave of cool rainwater. She and Danielle Steele were both soaked. Nothing was spared. Not even her hair. Shocked, she glanced up and glimpsed a red Corvette rounding the corner. She noticed the silhouette of a man and cursed his stupidity under her breath. Now, she was going to have to either take a cab home, or go buy a new outfit, which she’d have to charge since she’d just been paid and was already broke, as usual.

She saw a Checker Cab approaching and got up to wave, when the same Corvette cut the cab off, and pulled alongside the curb. The driver leaned over, after rolling down the window. His friendly blue eyes twinkled, and he flashed her, the friendliest smile she’d seen in years. He was very apologetic. “I’m so sorry, ma’am. I wasn’t thinking, and I drenched you before I realized it. I feel so bad. Please, can I take you somewhere to dry off?”

His voice, a rich baritone, had a western drawl. She told him bluntly, “Thanks, but I think you’ve caused enough damage.”

“Say, aren’t you that TV reporter? Ah . . . don’t tell me. Jill. That’s it! Jill Sinclair. You are re-e-ally good. I can see you’re getting cold. Please, let me take you somewhere to change or at least warm up. At least take this Kleenex and dab your eyes. Your mascara is running.”

Jill suspected he was looking at her breasts when he said she was getting cold. Sneaking a peek, as she accepted the tissue, she realized her nipples were showing through her wet blouse and bra, and that wasn’t all. She was beginning to feel warm and tingly. She didn’t really have time to think about the ramifications of this sensation, because the scheduled bus pulled up and started to honk at the Corvette, which was blocking the passenger loading zone. Smiling, Chad was waving for her to join him but she was worried. She didn’t know Chad. He could have been a Ted Bundy acolyte. The bus’s horn kept blaring and Chad started to pull away slowly. He gave her a smile, and shrugged, as if saying, what am I supposed to do? Jill had a good feeling about him, so she made a foolish move, she ran for the slow moving Corvette, and hopped in. Thus began her life altering experience.

Once inside, he gave her a warm ear-to-ear smile and with his rich voice, introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Chad Conroy.” Chad not only had an angelic face, he was lean and well muscled. What else would you expect from someone named Chad? She studied him as he drove, admiring what she saw, while guarding against any false move from him. Chad reached behind his seat, pulled out a large sweater, and handed it to her. “Here, you might want to put this on and pull your wet blouse off, so you don’t catch cold.” Chad’s sandy brown hair was a little disheveled. As his bright blue eyes took in Jill’s essence, she noticed that when he smiled, which was a lot, a dimple showed in each cheek. Jill couldn’t tell how tall he was in his sports car but she guessed six feet. Taking Chad’s advice, she removed her blouse and bra under the sweater.

“Where would you like to go?” She knew it didn’t make sense but she was reluctant tell him where she lived. However, she was willing to go back to his apartment so she could dry off.

“Do you live far?” Jill didn’t know what he was thinking, but his dimples were the size of quarters when he smiled.

Thanks for reading Dee

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