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New Legs Excerpt

Dee Dawning quote, paraphrasing a quote by Donald Rumsfeld;

“You go to war with the President you have, not the President you wish you had!”


“You go to war with the Secretary of Defense you have, not the Secretary you wish you had!”

legs_6.jpgSorry. I didn’t mean to remind everyone of the inadaquacies of our leaders. Now for some fun stuff. As promised a few days ago here is a new hot excerpt. At least I think it’s hot. This particular scene happens late in the story. It’s not customary to post excerpts of a book past the half way point but I want everyone to see that LEGS is a fun read throughout. Let me set the scene for you – Mallory, dressed as a man, has been chased into a nude cabaret by five thugs. Enjoy the excerpt;

Mallory was incredulous. “I can’t walk out there naked. I’m just not built that way.”

Candy who had Mallory down to her panties and bra, said, “I don’t see where you have a choice. Look, you say you’re a model. There’s a runway out there. Pretend you’re modeling; only you are modeling yourself. Believe me, with your looks and body, you’ll have those guys creamin’ in there jeans.”

“That’s what I’m worried about. Do I have to take everything off?”

Mysta took Mallory’s bra off and Candy dragged her last piece of clothing – her panties – off. “Except for shoes. This is an all nude cabaret. Now, we need to find you some heels. What size do you wear?”

“Seven and a half.”

“Fine, my shoes will work. Candy put her arm against Mallory for balance and pulled her six inch purple platforms off then bent down and placed them on Mallory’s feet. “Boy. You have a great pair of legs, Honey”

“So I’ve been told.”

Mysta said, “Here’s a nice purple wig I use sometimes. It’ll give you a degree of anonymity.” She placed the wig over Mallory’s blonde hair. She kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “Good luck. I’ll call the cops while you’re performing.”

After a swift shove in the back Mallory found herself, totally exposed, face to face with a score of hungry, longing gash hounds.

Mallory froze. The music was playing and other performer was gyrating to it, but Mallory couldn’t bring herself to move. Being a model, it wasn’t uncommon to be naked around people. It was unavoidable at times in photo shoots but mostly it happened at fashion shows, where the necessity for quick changing transcended modesty. However, that was around other models and helpers. Most of the men were gay and those who weren’t were jaded from being around so much naked beauty. But those men weren’t gay and they weren’t jaded. They were hard core roosters. She could feel their eyes fondling her body. She was mortified!

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Stay tuned for news about Dee Dawning’s new forthcoming books.

Thanks for stopping by, Dee

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