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4 1/2 Roses for Legs

Hi everyone,

Cover of Legs

Well it’s time for ole Dee to puff out his chest and ruffle his feathers. My first review came in on Legs and it’s a dilly–4 1/2 Roses. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Enjoy the review, then buy and enjoy my book.


Dee Dawning/Legs/Amir Press/ ebook/126pgs

Drew Stevens followed Mallory (a beautiful and up and coming movie star) in a frantic car chase in West Hollywood. He had to meet her, get to know her, because he was on an assignment – and one he didn’t particularly like. Shadowing her these past weeks he had come to like Mallory and now he wanted to protect her from the people he was working for.

Mallory was meeting a girl friend in a rowdy bar. After one drink she starts to leave but is accosted by a drunk. Naturally, Drew is the first to rescue her. This leads to a naughty interlude between two strangers. But Drew was sent for a purpose and by making love to her he has betrayed a powerful man. For this he could lose his life. The story hots up in more ways than one as an exciting chase/adventure story unfolds. This book is erotic but it has more than a few sexy scenes and from the way it ends, which is surprising, would probably make a compelling series. I think this writer tells a good story and I would like to read more from her. I give 4.5 red roses to this particular book. Morna.

Available at
$5.50 eBook or
$10.99 + shpg. Print

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