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Forbidden Passion

Forbidden Passion
The cover is complete the editing is finished. Forbidden Passion is ready to be released by Dark Eden Press, on July 27th. Here is the book’s Blurb. As we get closer I will post an excerpt or two.

Mitheas, the king’s grandson falls in love with the lavender colored Falan princess, the vivacious Adalina. Unfortunately for them, they are inhabitants of the loveless planet Gala, a planet that has not only outlawed love, it has also banished marriage and even SEX!

The unlikely couple are lovers—lovers on a planet where the act of sexual intercourse has been against the law for four hundred cycles (six hundred earth years). Knowingly breaking the law they arrange surreptitious liaisons whenever they can. Will these two be able to change their future, and the future of the ones that come after them?

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