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LEGS Sexcerpt

LEGS Quotes

“You can’t be serious? I smiled because of the humor of the card, not because I want you to . . . you know.” Mallory Robbins

“You’re very forward. Are you always so blunt?”
Mallory Robbins

“Why detective, you should be able to figure that out. My pussy was his favorite part of my body. He once said that my pussy was the closest thing to his heart. He practically wore it out.” Kelsey Knowles

“You fucked the lady—the Prince’s fiancée—he knows it and is royally pissed. That’s what happened.” Jamal


Hello, Are you ready for a SEXY excerpt. Well this ones a dandy and it involves Kelsy, one of the more interesting characters.


Kelsey and Goodwin, who had sat down on the couch and ogling each other, barely noticed, but seemed to welcome their newfound privacy. Kelsey smiled and appraised him. Paige was right. He was good looking. Not great, but not bad, medium build, blue eyes, thin sandy brown hair, thin lips and a strong nose. He also seemed to have a pleasant disposition. She allowed herself to think. I wonder what it would be like to date a cop? To fuck a cop?

Turning toward him, she interwove her fingers and placed her joined hands over his shoulder, Kelsey flashed an evocative smile and asked provocatively, “So tell me, John. Do a lot of women throw themselves at you … being a detective?”

Goodwin could feel her breath on his cheek and in his ear. It excited him. He turned his head toward her but his gaze detoured from her cute girlish face downward where her robe had opened slightly and her womanly pink nipple was beckoning by sticking a half inch nub out.

Though Kelsey seemed to want to move fast, John was taking it slow. Seeing her bare nipple had turned him on. He leaned his head sideways and forward and nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck, just behind her ear and whispered, “Your nipple is showing.”

She kissed his cheek and looked down. “Oh my, I better cover it up.” After blandishing a winsome smile, she took one of his hands and placed it over the offending breast. “There it’s covered. Your move! What are you going to do?” A little unsettled, he kissed her gently while teasing her nipple with his masculine fingers.

“I’d like to do plenty, but I’m on duty and I’m here to interview you.”

She responded by whispering with a breathless voice. “As a public servant, your first duty is to help the public and I am a woman in distress.” Reaching behind his head, she pulled his lips toward hers while running a hand through his sandy hair. As his lips touched hers, she opened her mouth as his tongue split her ivory defenses and commingled with her tongue, she groaned.

Goodwin could only resist so long. Still tickling her nipple, his other hand slipped between the folds of her gown and worked its way down her torso. “And what is my duty, as you see it?” he whispered back. His roving hand had arrived at its destination—her vulva. His fingers alternated between gently stroking her ultra-sensitive clitoris and slipping between the folds of her labia, directly into her hungry humid pussy.

Kelsey stiffened and pushed her bottom into his busy fingers. Even more breathily she responded. “Your duty, as I see it, is to take out your six inch shooter and use it to come … to my aid … to aid my distress.” She began stroking his enlarged love muscle through his pants. “Your cock feels hard and reassuring. I want to see your cock, to feel its silky texture, to put it into my mouth or my puss. She unzipped his fly and was about to pull his Johnnie forth, when he reached down and stopped her. “Christ, Kelsey, my partner is in the next room.”

Hope you enjoyed the sexcerpt. Remember Legs is available in print or as an ebook from

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