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Fortune Cookies Revisited – Fun with Food

Fortune Cookies by Dee Dawning-It’s a Hoot


Price: $7.49
ISBN: 1-55410-750-4
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Pages: 410 – Supernovel
Category: Chicklit/Romance/Humor/Contemp
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin

One of my favorite scenes in the book. I call it fun with food. Sandy meets her match, Joe at the party and takes her to his restaurant. It is after closing time so he takes her into the kitchen to rustle something up and that’s when the fun starts.

I hope you enjoy this erotic SeXcerpt:

Warning, A Scorcher, Over 18 only, Please!

Returning the kiss with fervor, Sandy ran her fingers through Joe’s wavy black hair, and probably surprised him by inviting his cool tongue into her fresh warm mouth. He had a musky lemony scent, she realized as they embraced, she on the counter and he standing between her legs. They kissed each other’s ears and neck while their hands began to slowly explore each others torsos.

Sandy could feel his hardness against her abdomen and it intensified her craving, she lowered her hands, massaging his butt and hips. He began thrusting his hardness into her softness and then his hands found her tits. Sandy went ballistic thrusting her breasts into his hands and began moaning. It appeared that this surprised Joe, since he continued dry-fucking Sandy and fondling her breasts with renewed vigor, but what she did next really seemed to shock Joe. She reached down between his legs and unzipped his fly.

Sandy reached in Joe’s pants and tried to free his enlarged specimen. It was big, hard and jammed in behind the fabric. She wasn’t sure if it was bigger than normal, but she knew it was larger than Basil’s. Joe helped Sandy by reaching down, undoing his belt and unbuttoning the top button. Joe’s phallus was free for Sandy to stroke now, which she did.

Joe, getting the picture, pulled the straps of Sandy’s dress from her shoulders then dragged the dress top down, exposing Sandy’s perfectly shaped, medium-sized breasts. Joe admired them for a few seconds, and then went after the left nipple with his mouth. He was feeling around the dress, trying to fathom how to unfasten it, so after Sandy had removed Joe’s shirt, she undid the zipper on the side of her dress, jumped off the counter, slid her dress down, and removed her pantyhose.

Sandy was now fully naked except for a diamond choker and matching bracelet. Joe absorbed her naked beauty for a full minute then did something totally unexpected. First, he took a handful of cornstarch, spread it over Sandy’s voluptuous frame and began to rub it in. This gave her entire body an eerie glow and a silky feel. He lifted her back onto the counter and urged her to lie down. Then he took a ladle of Bolognese sauce and put it to Sandy’s lips to let her taste it. After she nodded approval, he poured it over her right breast, rubbing it around and over her nipple. Then he licked it up and sucked on her nipple.

Sandy reluctant at first, because of the mess, got even more inflamed. She wasn’t sure but she suspected Joe wanted her to repeat what he had done, so she took a ladle of Alfredo sauce and poured it on her left breast and Joe repeated the routine. Sandy’s nipples were ultra-sensitive and she almost climaxed from Joe sucking on her nipple, something she hadn’t done since high school. Joe next poured a little Pesto in her navel and licked it out. After that, it was time for the prime course. Joe went to the dessert tray and brought two cannolis, handing one to Sandy for her to sample. She nodded, indicating that it was good. He then said, “This is going to feel a little cold.” Then after sprinkling powdered sugar around her mound and clitoris, he carefully introduced the second cannoli into her juicy enlarged vagina. She was shocked at first, but as she got used to it, he began to eat the cannoli. After ingesting the cannoli, Joe continued licking and nibbling on her clitoris and labia and probing his tongue into her tasty cavern. It wasn’t long before Sandy had a mammoth orgasm. After a minute of shaking, she sat up and hugged Joe, getting some of the sauces on him.

Sandy reflected. “What a creative way to seduce someone. Is this part of your usual repertoire?”

With his eyes reflecting surprise, Joe shook his head adamantly. “Actually, I don’t know what came over me. Did you like it?”

A sly smile formed on Sandy’s lips. “Immensely. Now we must take care of Joe Jr.” as Sandy once more clutched Joe’s manhood. She got off the counter and pranced toward the dessert section, pulling Joe along by his engorged appendage. With a twinkle in her eye, she asked, “What are these?”

“Dessert sauces and syrups. Fruit, chocolate, caramel, pineapple and so forth

There’re lots of crazy sexy scenes like this in this crazy whimsical farce. I’ll probably post a couple more here and there. Stay tuned for more Fortune Cookie Excerpts.

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