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LEGS hits the ceiling

I was going to take the day off, but this is too good not to tell everyone. Legs has received a five angel review and a recommended read rating from Fallen Angel Reviews. This is about as good as it gets. Here is the review in it’s entirety.


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Amira Press


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Mallory Robbins is a super star, an up and coming movie star, and one of L.A.’s most beautiful women. She heads to JoJo’s Bar and Grill to meet her friend, Paige. After sharing a few drinks, Paige and her main squeeze, leave. Mallory stays and finish her drink only to have a rude, drunken man try to push his attentions on her. Enter Drew Khalid Stevens, a sexy man, who sends wonderful heated sensations all over her body. Drew is smitten by her long legs and shapely body. They leave together where he delights her most deliciously, and then afterwards they unite again for an encore of love. Just when she is about to learn why he carries a gun, and a card that says Steven Investigations, a chemical treated rag is slapped over her mouth. Mallory awakes to see she is dressed like an Arab woman and has a mind-blowing headache. She learns she has been kidnapped and personally selected to be the fourth wife of Prince Ali, a Saudi Prince. As a U.S. citizen, she demands to be returned to America. Unfortunately, no one escapes. To make matters worse, Drew is in a locked room, waiting execution for soiling Mallory, the fiancé of Ali. Since Ali is royally upset, Drew must pay for his actions.

I was blown away with Legs. From the moment Drew and Mallory connect in the bar, to the hair-raising kidnapping, I was hypnotized with the charisma of the storyline and the characters. Dee Dawning knows how to create an action-packed story that explodes. With intrigue, sensual passion, and a bit of mystery, all blended together, not to mention, just the right spots to include some witty little remarks, he crafts a most splendid read. Mallory and Drew are absolutely captivating together. The in-depth secondary characters add great appeal to the movement of the story. I really hope he plans a sequel or a series. Legs is definitely a recommended read in my book.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Linda L.

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