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Legs, Another Hot Sexcerpt

Cover of Legs

TITLE: Legs (Released June 22, 2007)
AUTHOR: Dee Dawning
ISBN: 978-1-934475-11-9
GENRE: Erotic/Romance/Thriller
THEMES: Kidnapping, White Slavery
LENGTH: 101+ pages

Mysta is a jaded nude dancer doing her thing in Chaz’s Nude Cabaret, when shooting breaks out:

SEXCERPT (WARNING – A Scorcher, Over 18 0nly, Please)

Mysta was doing her thing. This was her last set and she got off at nine—forty-five more minutes. It was a long night but she had made a killing. Almost a thousand bucks by her count and she didn’t even lay anyone tonight, Men get very generous when they see pussy. She wouldn’t have minded laying the guy Mallory had left with. In the days when she had sex for fun, she would have fucked his socks off. But she wised up since then. Her pussy was a commodity. No one gets between her legs now without long green.

A gaping customer waved a twenty at her and set it on the runway. He looked like a construction worker. She’s not supposed to let customers touch her, but she makes exceptions. Under a five, she smiles. For a fiver she cups her breasts and stands directly in front of him, stoops down and spreads her legs for a clear view of her puss. For a saw buck, she does the same thing, but takes the Mysta out of mystery by spreading her labia with her fingers. For a twenty she goes even farther. She sat down right at the edge of the stage, knees bent and spread. She makes eye contact, rolls her tongue over her lips and looks down to her twat. He picks up the twenty and folds it several times until it is the size of a quarter and with it between two fingers shoves it into her vagina. She places her hand over his to hide what is going on and lets him move his fingers around inside her for a few seconds, while she waits for the question that almost always comes.

“How much?”

“You’re not a cop?”

“I’m a horny carpenter and you turn me on, big time.”

“Two-fifty. I get off at nine. Get a motel room next door and wait for me outside. I don’t want management to know.”

After enjoying about a half minute of being fingered, she pulls his fingers out, puts them in her mouth and sucks her juices off. “What’s your name?”


“Well Jack. Go take a shower and I’ll see you at nine.”

Jack smiles and gets up to leave.

Mysta calls to him. He turns and she says, “Oh, Jack. One more thing.”


Mysta winks. “Don’t Jack-off!”


No sooner had Jack walked out the door and she heard a woman having a convulsion of bliss. She smiled and decided it must be Mallory hitting the Jackpot on her first lap dance. Way to go girl. Mysta noticed a customer on the other side of the runway waving a ten. She sashayed over to him and said, “So you’d like to see my pussy up close and personal huh?” He nodded animatedly never taking his eyes off her. “You a cop?” He shook his head vigorously. “Good. If you add another ten to that, you get to put it inside me.” He reached for his wallet, put the ten back and pulled out a twenty.

He had inserted the money in the slot and was receiving the allotted thirty second playtime. She figured he was just about to pop the question when gunshots rang out. Everyone ducked for cover, except for Mysta who was exposed in more ways than one. She jumped into the customers lap, fingers and all. What she didn’t realize until she jumped was that, apparently while masturbating, he had his Johnnie out and ready. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his larger member. Ummm, it does feel good. She had been getting horny tonight with all the excitement and didn’t want to stop so she started moving her snatch with gyratory motions. She said, I usually get two-fifty for this but under the circumstances and since I have another date in forty minutes, I’ll settle for a Ben Franklin and a U.S. Grant.

With the showroom now virtually empty, the customer stood, picking her up by the ass and kneeled on the floor. He laid her down, then laid on top of her and began pummeling her. “How about a U.S. Grant?”

Four more volleys of gunfire rang out, people were screaming and running and here she was getting the most exciting fuck in her young life, haggling over a price with the John as he was already doing the deed. “A U.S. Grant? I get that for a fucking lap dance.” She rolled him over and sat on top. She picked up his hands and placed them on her nipples. Ooh, this all feels so good! “Maybe you haven’t noticed but you’re getting the real thing. If I don’t at least get a Ben Franklin and a U.S Grant I’m out of here!”

“Okay. I agree to a C Note if we do it doggy style too.” More gunfire, more pandemonium.

She looked down on him. He wasn’t bad looking. Not George Clooney but maybe Owen Wilson. “Aren’t you scared?”

“I’m too turned on to be scarred. I’ve been watching you all night. You are so hot. You put all the other girls to shame. What about you. Aren’t you scarred?”

Hmmm. She liked what he said, That makes a difference, “Yeah, I am actually, but fucking while all this is going on is such a rush, I’m even going to settle for your Franklin and do it doggy style, but if you try to stick it up my ass, it’s going to cost you a U.S. Grant. Agreed? What’s your name anyway?”

“Agreed. Name’s Owen.”

LEGS is available from Amira Press. Legs is also available in print from Amira, Amazon and other book sellers.

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