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Latest News — New Novel Out Soon

My latest novel, Getting Naked at the Hilton is signed up and in pre-publication at Extasy Books. This is a wild and sexy contemporary erotic/romance–one of my favorites. Make sure you follow progress on it, you don’t want to miss this one.

To tease you just a little, here is a blurb on the novel followed by an unedited excerpt and you guessed it–it’s a semi-scorcher

Rachel Cooke loves sex. To her, it’s a celebration of life. She doesn’t just give it to anyone, but once she does, she doesn’t stop, so Scott had better be prepared for the sexual roller coaster of his life.

Meeting in a Las Vegas bar and grill, Rachel and Scott are extremely attracted to each other, but Rachel has issues. As the night moves on, their attraction grows and Scott remarks that while he wouldn’t mind having sex with her, he is more interested in getting to know her. He goes on to say, if she were sitting next to him naked, he wouldn’t lay a hand on her. Rachel decides to take Scott up on this implausible offer and the fun starts. The stage is set for both of them to spend a stressed out, sexless night, fully naked in her Hilton hotel suite—a test of his resolve and character and her will.

In reality, Scott has no idea of the sexual adventuress that lies beneath Rachel’s demur, delightfully perky persona and after a wet hot passionate interlude in the shower, the following morning, all hell breaks loose and they wind up making love everywhere. Even in the depths of nearby Hoover Dam.

Sexy Excerpt Warning-Semi-scorcher(Over 18 Only Please)

Pussy Cats, the in club of the moment, was situated on the Strip south of Circus Circus Hotel. Its ultra modern stainless steel motif catered to the beautiful people of Vegas and adventurous, well heeled tourists. The drinks were expensive, the music loud, the mood seductively dark and the women…As always, the women were hot! But none that night were hotter than Rachel Cooke.

Gyrating with the best of them to the sexy rhythm driven beat, Rachel in her scanty attire with her lissome, sexy frame was a show within a show on Pussy Cat’s dance floor. Watching her undulating form, visions of sweaty, tangled limbs as she performed her sexy dance moves on my cock, teased my brain. God damn! Can she move. I’ll bet she’s a fucking nympho in the sack.

The only thing preventing my libido from tenting my pants was the energy I was expending keeping up with Rachel’s wild moves. Out of breath and near passing out from exertion, the ending of the third heart pumping, high tempo dance number was going to be the death of me. And then salvation. The band took pity and played a slow song.

A frenzy of excitement settled in the pit of my stomach as I trapped the hot little minx in my arms. Damn, she felt good, as she wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled in close. A few inches below me in height, everything seemed to line up to erotic advantage.

Cradled against my thighs, her breasts against my chest, the music created a sensual rhythm that no longer moved our feet but swayed our bodies tighter together. She nestled in even closer and my erection surged between us. I slid my hands down and grasped her shapely ass, feeling the seams of her skimpy panties through the flimsy fabric of her mini-skirt. She exuded sex—raw sex. I was hard as a hammer and with the subtlest of movements, pressed it into her abdomen to feel her response. She pressed back. Oh, yeah!

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Her hands slid from my back and moved around to my chest. For a few seconds they rested on my upper chest and she snuggled her pretty face into the crook of my neck, but as I continued to press my hard groin into her, and squeeze her buttocks, her right hand moved up behind my neck. Her long, feminine fingers pulled my face toward her upturned lips and as our mouths clashed, I nibbled on her warm, pliant lips. A charge of voltage ran clear to my toes as her tongue parted my lips and brushed across my teeth. She was the aggressor and I the all too willing recipient. A groan escaped me as her greedy tongue darted in and she responded to my grinding hardness by matching my thrusts and pushing her hot pussy into my rigid cock. I was shaking, boiling up and on the verge of losing control. I want what she’s offering! I want this pretty piece of flesh!

There you have it. A saucy excerpt to a very sexy novel. If you like your romance novels as hot as cayenne pepper, Getting Naked at the Hilton is for you

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