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Getting Naked with Fortune Cookies

My name is Dee Dawning. I have one existing and one upcoming novel with eXtasy Books. The existing novel is called Fortune Cookies and my new book is titled Getting Naked at the Hilton. I will start by posting the blurb for both novels. With each additional post I will include an excerpt from each book. I call it my two-fer excerpts. Two for the price of one. I’ll also include an excerpt from one of the many fine reviews that Fortune Cookies has received. Here are the blurbs and the review. Please check back periodically for new posts.

Fortune Cookies, It’s a Hoot!

Fortune Cookies Blurb

Meeting for lunch at a Chinese restaurant, Jill’s friends are shocked by the improbable, amazing tale of good fortune she spins. Lust, sex, love, pregnancy, and a planned marriage to a strapping young hunk, all from eating a red fortune cookie? A FORTUNE COOKIE? Give me a break!

The owner of the Chinese restaurant sets one of the miracle red fortune cookies in front of each of Jill’s friends. Gail, the hi-powered attorney, Rita, the gorgeous model, and Saundra, the uppity socialite, look at each other, then at Chad , Jill’s dreamboat fiancée. What should they do? What would you do?

Fortune Cookies is a deliciously naughty, whimsical, tongue in cheek, romantic story that leads four friends on a paranormal journey into the supernatural in search of love, fulfillment and happiness. It is a novel for couples, about couples. Erotic and funny, Fortune Cookies will send you searching Chinese restaurants for the elusive red fortune cookie!

Fortune Cookies Review Excerpt
This story is wonderfully well-written and humorous. Lots of hot, steamy sex and a foursome give thrills and delights. The trials and finally the happiness that each find, take us on a journey not easily explained but is still a thrill to read. Dee Dawning has given us a delightful, steamy story filled with happiness and humor. It is just the beginning for these women and their significant others that is sure to keep you reading page after page. I loved the interaction and the humor she has included in the story and it is one that I will continue to follow.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Blurb for Getting Naked at the Hilton

Rachel Cooke loves sex. To her, it’s a celebration of life. She doesn’t just give it to anyone, but once she does, she doesn’t stop, so you had better be prepared for the sexual roller coaster of your life.

Meeting in a Las Vegas bar and grill, Rachel Cooke, is extremely attracted to the handsome Scott Rader, as he is her, But Rachel has issues. She doesn’t look it, but Rachel is mixed race and after just ending a disastrous relationship with Lester, her agent, she is not about to get close to anyone without laying her cards on the table.

As the night moves on their attraction grows. Rachel takes Scott up on a casual remark he makes that like her, he too, is only interested in getting to know her and if she happened to be sitting naked next to him, he wouldn’t lay a hand on her.

This leads them to spend a sexless night, fully naked in her Hilton hotel suite, a test of his resolve and character. In reality, Scott has no idea of the sexual adventuress that lies beneath Rachel’s demur, delightfully perky persona and after a wet hot passionate interlude in the shower, the following morning, all hell breaks loose and they wind up making love everywhere. Even in the depths of Hoover Dam.

Dee Dawning
Erotic-romance for the naughty streak in all of us.

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