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Erotic Writers – What Makes Them Tick, An Interview with Sheri Livingston

Dear reader,

As a consumer of erotica, have you ever wondered how the writers of those titillating stories, which make us wet or hard, come up with their wild scenarios. Have they performed what they write about? Do they have fantasies? Have they indulged themselves or are they all talk and no show? (like me.)

I don’t care what they eat. I want to know who they ate or would like to eat! What motivates them? What gets them going?

Shall we find out. This week’s person of interest is highly acclaimed f/f author Sheri Livingston.

Welcome Sheri, seeing how we are trying to get a feel for the sensuous writer, my questions may be a little pointed, so if you have a problem with a question, just go to the next one.

• First question: How did you start writing erotica?

Truthfully, my head was slam packed with fantasies…like, WAY HOT stuff. They seemed like little stories, so I sat down one day, put those “image things” onto paper, and I’ll be damned if a book didn’t come out of all that jumbled mess. *grin* They just keep on coming. Ooh…just like the characters. LOL

How long have you been writing erotica and would you prefer to write anything else?

I’ve been writing erotica for 2 years. I’m a baby to most of these sizzling authors and look up to them.
Um….is there anything else to write? *Yawn*

Do you feel you offer anything special to your readers?

I guess I offer something special to the readers. I sure hope I do, anyway. I write f/f (though I’m currently working on f/m/f) and there’s not a lot of that out there. It’s another reason I was thrilled to be published. I wanted to add to the slim pickings of f/f.


• What are your writing goals?

I don’t have writing goals unless finishing every WIP is a goal. I just let loose the images in my head, and go from there.

As an erotic writer, you are assumed to be a sexual person. Do you have any sexual hang-ups?

Hang-ups…hmmmm. Oh, do you mean like handcuffing the characters and hanging them up? *toothy grin*. I truly can’t think of any.

As an erotic writer and a sexual person, do you have any sexual fantasies?

Doesn’t everyone have sexual fantasies? I don’t think being an erotic writer has anything to do with having sexual fantasies. But yes, I do have them….a LOT of them!!

Have you acted out your fantasy? If you haven’t would you consider living out your fantasy?

I’ve acted out the realistic fantasies. The ones I haven’t, it’s only a matter of time. Then again, some fantasies aren’t meant to be acted out. Some are meant for our own minds only.

From where do you get your main characters?

The bartender at the dance clubs…the woman walking her dog down the street…the bitch across the street…
Whatever grabs my attention, I can turn them into anything I want once the fingers hit the keyboards.

What is your preferred style, when writing erotica, ie. m/f f/f, m/m, mfm, bdsm, etc?

My preference is f/f. It’s my life. I know it, and live it, so my heart always turns in that direction. However, I’ve recently wandered into the ménage. It’s been a lot of fun writing it. And no, I haven’t acted out that fantasy…*grin*
(Did I just admit that was a fantasy????? Is it?? Hmmmmm I’ll have to think more on this one.)

What do you personally look for in a sexual partner?

Rough and tumble, athletic, sweet, romantic, someone who doesn’t take my shit, who doesn’t hesitate to slam my ass against a wall when I’m in “bitch mode”….lolol.

Doing what to your sexual partner, gets you excited?

Making her scream my name. *sigh*…She talks to God a lot, also…lolol

Which celebrities or other well known individuals, if any, do you drool over?

Bon Jovi. He’s the sexiest thing I know. **Slurp** I used to have a thing for Steven Tyler (okay…so I still do!!). Just something about his hair, and those lips. I know…I’m weird!

Do you sometimes get turned on by your own erotic writing?

Hell yes. If it doesn’t turn me on, I wouldn’t expect it to turn on the readers. I’m more concerned with making the reader happy, so I read, a lot…have to make sure it turns me on before I turn it loose…lol

If so, do you do anything about it?

Yep….I find my Girlfriend!!! lolol

Have you ever participated in any of the wild scenarios of which you have written?

Of course. I have to make sure the scenes work. *grin* Nah, not all of them. Some are pure imagination at work.

In your estimation, what is the sexiest book/story you have written? And do you have a sexy passage that you would share with us.

I’m very partial to a story I had published last year, I Dare You. It’s no longer pubbed, but I’m very very stuck on the character. Rough and tumble, sweet, romantic…you get the point…lol
Her name is Jordan, and she’s a karate champion. Alpha females….*Sigh*
That particular book has been sent to a few other publishers. Hoping to see it on book shelves one day.

What is your current release? Please post a blurb or tell us about it.


Newest release is “Watching You” with

Dominance games and earth-shattering sex
rule them. But ugly, hidden secrets are
determined to quench their fire. Paige and Kellie
must overcome the past, or their new inferno
will fizzle to ashes.

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