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Getting Naked with Fortune Cookies, The Excerpts (5)


Hey everyone, Things are beginning to heat up now, in both books, so make sure to stay with me.

I’m going to post a Sexcerpt from one of the funnier scenes in the book. This is where Gail and Lyle meet in a men’s room and she takes him into a handicap stall. Enjoy:

Excerpt from Chapter Six (Warning, Scorcher!!! Over 18 Only, Please)

They had stopped kissing to concentrate on other things and when his fingers found their target, Gail jerked backwards as if hit by a jolt of electricity. They bumped heads but shook it off. She put her hand over his directing it to her clitoris, helping him to understand what pleased her most. Then she came. Once more she banged her head this time on the wall of the stall but she didn’t notice. The stars she saw weren’t from banging her head, but rather a result of the waves of pleasure that coursed through her.

Gail was an enthusiastic lover. She wanted more. She wanted to make love. She wished they were somewhere else. Somewhere more appropriate, but they weren’t, and the hugging, kissing and foreplay was only exacerbating the sensuous compulsions for both of them. But

it felt so good! Then, without warning, she had another milder climax. After this orgasm, she pulled away and got down on her knees. She pulled his sex free and inhaled. His penis was a big one.

“You are going to be the beneficiary of my first and last blow job in the men’s room.” She took him in her mouth. It filled her mouth up and at first she had trouble breathing. Finally she managed to get going hot and heavy. Lyle was moaning when she heard the main door open. She stopped and reached up, covering Lyle’s mouth so he wouldn’t moan, then after thirty seconds or so, they heard a urinal flush then the door opening and closing again.

She went back to pleasing Lyle but he stopped her. He urged Gail up and then got on the toilet seat his pants around his ankles. Gail smiled at the sight and then went back to work sucking and jerking on his oversized cock. Lyle was truly in the mood now, holding her head in both hands, pushing forward as her mouth came down on him. After a couple minutes, she could feel his testicles rise so she knew he was close. A tiny squirt entered her mouth and she knew the rest would follow in a second or two. She pulled her mouth away keeping her hand in place to massage his member during the eruption, making sure to move out of the line of fire. There it came. Copious amounts of seminal fluid thrusting out with substantial force.

Then, at the absolutely, most inauspicious moment, someone opened the stall door and was right in the line of fire. Though she tried to interrupt the path of the milky white ejaculate, it was too late.

Everyone says what comes next is a scream. I’ll let you be the judge.
Remember Fortune Cookies at It’s romantic it’s funny and it’s damned sexy.

FORTUNE COOKIES – It’s A Hoot!fortune-cookies-new.jpg

Fortune Cookies is a great read. The girls are a delight and the way they have kept their close ties since college is well crafted into the book. The emotion of their trials that leads them to finding happiness allows the reader to fill the ups and downs that often accompany life. Sometimes it is hard to believe that the professional women, with a clear head on their shoulder, would have such problems but this story touches that even those with priorities often have hardships. Dee Dawning has written a book with wit, sizzling sex and some ecstasy throughout the pages. She adds some humor and contact between the women that make them breathe life in this page-turner. Who would have thought the simple fortune cookie could bring so much joy not only to the friends, in the story, but also to the reader?

Reviewed by: Linda L.
Fallen Angel Reviews

Getting Naked at the Hilton – Excerpt Five (unedited)

Warning – A scorcher! Eighteen and over only, Please!


“Hmmm.” I disrobed and slipped into the shower stall. “You don’t mind if I join you, do you?”

His eyes seemed to devour me. Grinning, he shook his head and said, “I would never refuse a beautiful woman the opportunity to wash my back.”

I laughed. “You are so romantic. Scott…did we make mad passionate love last night?”

“If we did, I want a reprise because I don’t remember.”

“I don’t remember either. I think if we did, we’d remember. Besides, I’m sure we would’ve woken in the bedroom.”

“Rachel. Last night, you asked me most of the questions, but I have a lot of questions myself.”

“Like what?”

Scrunching his lips, he answered, “Where you are from? What you do for a living? What are you doing in Las Vegas? And that’s just for starters. After that, I have a couple of personal questions about your family.”

My stomach lurched. I wasn’t up to answering questions yet. “I’ll answer all your questions later. After we get dressed, we’ll go to the Coffee Shop and you can ask me anything you want.” Reaching down I grasped Scott’s hard cock. “But for now, since you were so good last night, I want to reward you. Besides, I want to see if this fancy cock feels as good as it looks.”

Embracing me, Scott’s hands scoured my back and ass.

All of a sudden, he drenched me, dragging me under the hot running water. A chill surged through me as his wet, coarse tongue separated my lips to invade my mouth. My excitement soared as his hands wandered over my breasts, fingers twisting, pinching and rubbing my distended nipples. Barely able to catch my breath, I tensed as clever fingers split my nether-lips apart, probing the edges of my needy vagina. I held my breath when his wonderful fingers found my clit. I do want him. I want his cock…his cock?

Scott had me in such turmoil, I’d forgotten I held the object of my craving, his rigid cock. I massaged it and could feel his muscles stiffen. He gasped, sucking in a gulp of air as he broke our kiss and threw his head backward. I took the bar of complimentary soap off the shower ledge and rubbed it over his cock, balls, over his tight ass and into his anus. With my hands and his prick now slick with a soapy film, I stroked him with a lingering sensuality. My other hand on his chest, I could feel him quiver, which I’m sure I did also when he turned up the heat by shoving two fingers in my sopping wet pussy.
“Put it in,” I begged, breathily, “Please, give it to me. Scott…I need it!”

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