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Erotic Authors – What Makes Them Tick? An Interview with K.A. M’Lady

Dear reader,

As a consumer of erotica, have you ever wondered how the writers of those titillating stories, which make us wet or hard, come up with their wild scenarios. Have they performed what they write about? Do they have fantasies? Have they indulged themselves or are they all talk and no show? (like me.)

I don’t care what they eat. I want to know who they ate or would like to eat! What motivates them? What gets them going?

Shall we find out. This week’s person of interest is highly acclaimed author K.A. M’Lady.

Welcome K.A., seeing how we are trying to get a feel for the sensuous writer, my questions may be a little pointed, so if you have a problem with a question, just go to the next one.

• First question: How did you start writing erotica?

hmmm – I never really considered it as writing erotica. To me it just seems like really, really good sex scenes.

How long have you been writing erotica and would you prefer to write anything else?

Well, I’ve been writing since I was little – my first published works were poetry and my first full length novel was A Walk in the Black Forest with eXtasy Books – a Time Travel, Historical Romance. There are plenty of hot scenes in it – enough to set a castle burning – are they erotic – some might say so. But for the main characters it’s a monogamist relationship – and for me, new love, and need should be smoking hot. And if you’re reading about it in one of my books – I want my readers to feel that yearning to the depths of their toes.

Do you feel you offer anything special to your readers?

I think coming from a poetry background helps give a bit more color to my work – At least I hope it does. I want my every word to breathe with life and my readers to feel the touch of it.

What are your writing goals? Some day I’d like to win a Pulitzer in Poetry (no small feat…) other than that – I just want to write and write some more – Write full time and quit the day job.

As an erotic writer, you are assumed to be a sexual person.

Do you have any sexual hang-ups? I never kiss and tell…

As an erotic writer and a sexual person, do you have any sexual fantasies? I think everyone has sexual fantasies whether they are willing to admit to it or not.

Have you acted out your fantasy? If you haven’t would you consider living out your fantasy?

No comment… the no kissing and telling rule.

From where do you get your main characters?

Sometimes they just pop into my head – some like a bad headache that has a voice that won’t shut the hell up. Others like an alter ego and some like a subtle wind that brushes against my mind and their story is always there just waiting below the surface.

What is your preferred style, when writing erotica, ie. m/f f/f, m/m, mfm, bdsm, etc?

I don’t think I have a preference – I haven’t written m/m or f/f but all that means at this point is there hasn’t yet been a character needing their story written.

What do you personally look for in a sexual partner?

I’ve been with my husband for sixteen years – that has to say something.

Doing what to your sexual partner, gets you excited?

He knows…

Which celebrities or other well known individuals, if any, do you drool over?

Antonio Banderas, Sean Connery (even for an old dude) – I don’t know, there are a few I wouldn’t kick to the curb but overall my husband owns my heart.

Do you sometimes get turned on by your own erotic writing?

I don’t really think about it when I’m writing. This is someone else’s story I’m sharing – I may think – “that was hot” when I’m done and doing the edits but I don’t turn into writer-nympho girl. I’m quite sure to the angst of the hubby.

If so, do you do anything about it?

Have you ever participated in any of the wild scenarios of which you have written?

Does the phrase – married with children mean anything? Maybe that’s why I write about it – lol.

In your estimation, what is the sexiest book/story you have written? And do you have a sexy passage that you would share with us.

I’d definitely say it’s the menage’ bathroom scene from Realm – Book I ~ To Tell of Darkness – released by Mojocastle Press – It includes the main character Rihker Tennai, a half-breed Pixie-human Bounty Hunter, her Vampire prisoner and his “human” Wereleopard servant. Let’s just say they definitely blow the doors off the place – literally.

What is your current release? Please post a blurb or tell us about it.

Well, I currently have Dreamwalker – Rune of Hope with eXtasy Books –, Realm – Bk I ~ To Tell of Darkness with Mojocastle – and then I should have (hopefully) five releases total out later this year.

My next release however should be Rational Animals with eXtasy Books. It is another of the Rune Series and it is on the Rune Stone Mannaz. I have a killer cover thanks to Martine Jardine and hopefully my readers will think the story is just as sexy as my
cowboy – Toren Crushing. Here is a little blurb on it:


Kin to the Wolf, And Brother to Man
Inside ~ Every Man Holds A Darkness

Rational Animals
K.A. M’Lady

For the first time in nearly seventy years wolf song can be heard throughout the great valley of Yellowstone. But as the chill December winds gather something dark, powerful and mystical stalks the valley and Toren Crushing has become its prey.

Renee Faroque is a Shaman’s Granddaughter – a child of the great Crow Indians. She has learned great knowledge from her dream-walks with her ancestors. But has she learned enough to save herself and the beautiful stranger from the ancient evil that abides within?

My other releases will include Song of the Wolf, Realm – Book II ~ Shadow Slave and Ramshackle Castle – Bent Poetry and Other Altered Verse from Mojocastle Press.

As well as inclusion in another of eXtasy’s Anthologies – Sanguinary Seductions – and my story Through the Red Door Starkly.

For blurbs, blips and character info. on the characters of Realm you can check out my website at

Thank you for being this week’s guest and sharing with your fans. I hope you have found our questions stimulating.

One Response to “Erotic Authors – What Makes Them Tick? An Interview with K.A. M’Lady”

  1. I don’t think about the sex when I am writing erotic either. It’s just words that happen to serve a purpose for the characters at the time. I agree that writing poetry makes it easier to write erotic because the dance of arousal is very poetic.

    Enjoyed the interview, thank you.

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