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Getting Naked with Fortune Cookies, The Excerpts (6)

Dee Dawning, back another hot two-fer of my existing book, Fortune Cookies and my upcoming Erotic (very erotic) romantic novel, Getting Naked at the Hilton. Here’s the next two-fer:

Fortune Cookies, It’s a Hoot!

Chapter Eleven

Hello everyone, We have another Sexcerpt with Gail and Lyle. This time in Gail’s apartment.

Lyle was still in a state of bewilderment and why wouldn’t he be? Never had he considered anything like this ever happening, let alone experiencing it. This was an occurrence about which movies are made – especially blue movies. Lyle looked around the bedroom. It was nicely furnished and decorated to feminine tastes with touches of ‘Erte’ here and there. This was not surprising as he noticed the whole apartment was nicely if not expensively decorated when they came in.

Gail had gone into the restroom to prepare, whatever that meant. She had produced more excitement in the last three hours than he had experienced in his entire life and he knew there was more to come. He also knew his life would never be the same.

Gail glided out in a peach pullover nightie trimmed with white lace. She wore no panties and a white garter belt, which held up sheer peach stockings. She also wore four-inch white heels. She went over to her bookshelf stereo player and spun a CD. A familiar song emanated from the speakers as she turned and gave him a big smile. The song was the Santana one with Rob Thomas singing − ‘Smooth.’ Gail started sashaying to the music, removing an item about every fifteen seconds.

Now, thought Lyle, I’ll get to see if this tidy little package looks as good with the wrapping removed.

Gail worked her way over to Lyle, placing herself directly in front of him as the last garment came free. Lyle nodded his head in apparent approval, She is already a fine-looking woman but her body is beautiful. Thin waist, nice tush, great legs, shapely, slightly upturned breasts.

Lyle, who had shed his clothes as Gail had hers, was fully aroused. As he reached for Gail, to pull her down on top of his bloated member, she pushed back against his chest, arching a naughty brow at him. “Not so fast lover. We have a little issue to deal with first. You see that beautiful piece of manhood of yours is a little too large for me” Gail gently pushed Lyle on his back and urged him to scoot towards the headboard. “Being the well hung gentleman you are, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind helping a girl out with some oral stimulation first.” Kneeling beside him, she swung one of her well-turned legs over his chest straddling him just below his chin. Then she moved forward until his lips were on her lips. She snuggled her privates down on top of Lyle’s mouth, barely leaving him room to breath through his nose. Lyle went to work; nibbling, tonguing, and sucking while his hands went to work, rubbing her breasts and the rest of her body.

Getting Naked at the Hilton Excerpt Six (unedited)

Scott appeared to be deep in thought so I asked him if he was going to do me or not. Instead I was shocked when he spread my legs and began a heavenly tongue fuck. I had only been dined on by a man, a dozen or so times and it was more like an appetizer—a prelude to the main course, but with Scott this was the main course. What Scott did to me was so sensational, I wondered if it wasn’t better than getting fucked. It was not only the first orgasm I had from a man eating my pussy, it was the greatest sexual experience of my life, until later when he fucked me royally.

I kind of stretched things a little with Scott. I wasn’t quite as experienced as I let on. So when that hunk spread my legs, his eyes devouring my privates…well, I got tingly all over. And when he got this obvious smile of appreciation plastered on his mug, I was liquid fire.

As a warm up, he kissed and laved the insides of my upper legs, occasionally nibbling on thigh flesh. He set the top of his head at the nexus of my sex, moving his head slowly back and forth, so his soft spiked hair brushed against my clit, teasing me almost to crying. I was dying of hunger for his lips. I could have probably come from fingering alone, but then he gobbled my hot, sensitive clit into his warm hungry mouth, swabbing and slurping like it was the best thing he ever tasted. I flung my head back in reaction to the sensation. I basked in the blissful feeling of his luscious pink lips suddenly surrounding my swollen clit. His delectable mouth was the best thing that had ever been around my clitoris. I scrunched my body around, then arched my back and grabbed a fistful of his hair. Then, when he slipped his slippery tongue in my dripping pussy and followed it with slow wet tongue laps up and down my clit, I was as turned on as possible I thought, but when he took my nipples in his fingers, a new level of excitement spread through me. I was primed. I was putty in his wandering mouth and hands.

My wild movements were making it hard on Scott so I reached down and touched his cheeks. Like a blind person, I felt his face with my fingers. I could feel his tongue laving my sensitive bud. My fingers became wet with my free flowing juices—I put them to my mouth. I needed him closer to me. I reached down and grabbing the back of his head, pulled him into my deep wet gash. I was slow cooking at medium temperature and Scott kept turning up the flame until I was ready to erupt, and erupt I did. I felt a smo-o-o-th wave of tingly pleasure spread over my whole body and then BAM! I went ballistic, thrashing everywhere out of control, I scratched his shoulders as I squeezed his head in a pussy lock with my thighs

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