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Getting Naked with Fortune Cookies, The Excerpts (7)

I’m back with another hot two-fer of my existing book, Fortune Cookies and my upcoming Erotic (very erotic) romantic novel, Getting Naked at the Hilton. Here’s the next two-fer:

Fortune Cookies, It’s a Hoot!

Chapter Fourteen

Gail wakes up hung over after a wild drunken night at her Brother-in-law Joe Spinosa’s Italian restaurant with Rita and Niki.

Enjoy the eXcerpt, Over eighteen only, please:

Gail woke the next morning at six sharp. She wasn’t sure what had transpired the previous night, but suspected some of it was bad. Lyle was lying next to her, on his stomach. How can anyone sleep like that? I suppose it helps if your boob-less. She decided to get up, make coffee and read the paper, but when she tried, her head felt like it cracked open, so she settled back down.

Gail sat there a few minutes rubbing her temples. No help. She looked in the nightstand for relief and found a couple condoms – no help; a half read erotic novel – no help (maybe later); a vibrator – don’t need that anymore; Then she remembered that she hadn’t been using protection. Shit, the cookie wouldn’t match me with someone with V.D. Would it? Hell, those condoms wouldn’t have fit him anyway. Continuing her search for relief, she found a love letter from Jeremy – foolish boy; a Candida Royalle, erotica for women film – sexy, maybe later ( love to watch that with Lyle – in me!); a half full tin of Altoids – spearmint; a used condom – yuck (Don’t let Lyle see that); Tampax – what the hell? I never use them (Oh! That was a long time ago. {Don’t let Lyle see that either.}), reading glasses – 175; a tape measure – I wonder how big Lyle really is; ah, finally, blessed relief – Tylenol.
She swallowed four Tylenols with whatever happened to be in the glass on the nightstand, which turned out to be flat champagne in a water glass. “Yuck!” Classy outfit, huh? She leaned back, closed her eyes, and while waiting for her head to clear, dozed off.

Gail awoke again around eight o’clock to the sound of the shower running. Lyle was no longer in bed. Licentious thoughts ran through her mind about joining him in the shower for another round of hide the weenie, but first she wanted to make a phone call.


“Hi Jill, this is Gail. I didn’t wake you up did I?”


“Good. What is that I hear? I didn’t interrupt anything did I?”

“Well, sort of, that’s Chad you hear.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to call at an inconvenient time. I’ve got some big news. What time would be more convenient for me to call?”

“There’s isn’t a particularly good time. I’ll tell you what. You can hang on while I finish taking care of my baby or I can call you back when he’s done. Either way, it’ll only take a minute or so.”

Gail’s first inclination was for Jill to call her back, but she heard Chad moaning and it was moving her, so she decided to listen in.

“I’ll hang on if you don’t mind.”

“Heavens no. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Gail heard the clunk of the phone being set down, then voices. As she heard the passion between Jill and Chad play out, she visualized what they were doing and became aroused. Since she was still naked, Gail leaned back and slipped her hand between her legs, massaging her sex with her free hand. She figured Jill had gone down on Chad because only he was taking, if you want to call it that. She could hear him saying, “That’s it honey, suck it baby, take it all, ooh that feels wonderful.” Picturing Jill stroking the base of Chad’s shaft with her hand, while sucking on the head of his cock, Gail began kneading her clit furiously as the sensual scene taking place at the other end of the line danced in her mind. Gail was getting very close to climaxing, when true to Jill’s word, Chad finished in a couple minutes. When she heard Chad’s climactic grunts and groans, Gail joined him with her own rite of joy. Within seconds, Jill was back. “Now we can talk. That is if, I can keep my concentration while Chad reciprocates. I’m all yours. What’s this big news?”

It took Gail a few more seconds to regain her equilibrium.

“Gail. Are you there?”

“Uh yes. Sorry Jill, I was …er…yawning. You know I ate that cookie yesterday, right?”


Regaining her composure, she continued excitedly, “Well it worked. I found myself a great guy. And Jill, I’ve had sex eight times since then.”

Jill shrieked joyfully, then Gail heard Jill ask Chad if he could stop for a few minutes. “Gail honey, I’m so happy for you. Eight times! Wow! And so fast. You’re going to have to tell me all about him.”

“I know. That’s what I called about. I want you and Chad to meet Lyle and me for lunch today, if you have time?”

“Gail, of course I have time. You are my best buddy and you just found love. Where do you want to meet?”

“The place where this all started, Eddie Chang’s. Oh Jill. There’s one more thing. Rita found someone also.”

Another loud shriek. “This is too good. It’s exactly what I’d hoped for. I’ve got to hear everything and I mean EVERYTHING! What time do you want to meet?”

“Twelve thirty. I’ll make reservations”

“Super, I can’t wait.”


When we left room 2122, Rachel grasped my hand and dragged me toward the elevator bank. After pushing the down button, we hugged and as if by magic, the elevator doors opened. We stepped in arm in arm and the elevator zipped us to the ground floor so quickly that I almost lost the coffee I’d drank.

On the ground floor, Rachel led me holding my hand to the Paradise Café.

Rachel ordered two coffees while we read the menu. We were in the coffee shop but my mind remained in Rachel’s suite, where she had given me the blowjob of my life. I couldn’t help it. I kept reliving the unbelievable ecstasy of her luscious warm lips surrounding my steel-hard cock. How she stroked my swollen phallus, while her tongue licked my scrotum, taking my testes in her mouth, sucking on each ball, leaving them damp in the cool air-conditioned room. How she swallowed my whole member and grabbed my ass with her free hand pulling me toward her, spending in the only place I could—her mouth. It was fucking amazing.

“Scott? We’re waiting. Are you going to order?”

“What? Oh!” Rachel was looking at me, a flash of annoyance registering on her pretty face. I turned my head and saw the waitress, pad in hand. “French Dip, no fries with a side of fruit. And a refill on our coffees.”

We were in a circular booth, our knees touching. “What were you doing? You were like—zoned out!”

I laughed. “It’s your fault. I keep flashing back to the fabulous blowjob you gave me.”

“Shoosh!” Rachel put her finger to my lips and red faced, but half smiling, glanced around to see if anyone was looking our way. I took her finger and sucked on it. “Not so loud” she said softly. “Are you trying to embarrass me? What I did to you is nobody else’s business.” She giggled. “What are you doing?”

I took her finger out of my mouth but held her hand against my face. “I thought that was obvious. I’m sucking on your finger. Can I ask you a question?” I put her finger back in my mouth.

Half smiling, she tilted her head. “Of course that’s what we came here for.” Then asked, “Why are you sucking on my finger?”

“Because I can’t do what I really want to, here.”

Blushing again, she removed her finger. “All right smarty. Question?”

Fortune Cookies is now available and Getting Naked at the Hilton is coming soon, both on:

Dee Dawning
Erotic-romance for the naughty streak in all of us.


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