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Is it Erotic or is it Pornagraphic

An ongoing discussion within the erotic writing and reading community is to define the difference between erotic and pornographic and when does erotic writing become pornographic. There’s a similar discussion going on with romance writers and readers of when does romance become erotic. Since I don’t read or write straight romance, I won’t get into that discussion.

Back to Erotica vs Pornography. The purpose of both, I think you’ll all agree, is to sexually scintillate and stimulate the reader. Some say that pornography goes farther than erotica and therefore appeals to men more than woman. Then again, define goes farther. I know there are erotic stories that go every bit as far as pornographic stories and I can’t see how gender has anything whatsoever to do with the difference. Therefore, that doesn’t work for me.

Among other things, I write erotic romance or erotica if romance is lacking. I have on occasion written stories that I felt crossed over the imaginary border between the two. What was the difference? Simple. Erotic and pornographic alike, both contain sex and were approximately equally explicit. The difference was in the story. The pornographic story was pornography there was no story. If you took the sex away, you were left with next to nothing. Not so with my erotic stories. If you removed all explicit sex scenes, you still had a story. It may have been weakened but a good writer could smooth it out and a story remained.


The bottom line; no story it’s pornagraphic, story it’s erotic.

I would be interested to hear your opinion.

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