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Dee Dawning Books – Previews, Fortune Cookies (2)

Hello readers and hopefully fans. I have begun to post the first three chapters of one of my books, serial style, a thousand pages at a time Fortune Cookies. Here is serial #2. I hope you enjoy it.


Fortune Cookies

A Contemporary Erotic/romance Novel

Part I

Prologue, Over 18 only, please

She was unable to make out his face, but she had no trouble seeing his bold cock. A light from an unknown source highlighted it, as if beckoning to her. His engorged member was about eight inches long. She grasped it once more in an effort to insert it into her hungry, waiting pussy. “No!” He says, “It’s not ready yet, it must be longer. Pull on it.” As instructed, she gave a little tug and to her utter amazement, it began to grow even larger. When it extended to at least twelve inches, he said, “Now!” and proceeded to place its head into the opening of her now, dripping wet, ravenous love canal.

Her eyes grew wide. Incredulous, she cried out, “You can’t expect me to take all of that?”

He exclaimed, “Why not …” and continued to insert the now snake-length appendage, within. She could sense his enormous elongated phallus as it moved inside her, in her womb, her abdomen, her stomach. Then, when she felt his penis buried deep within, fully inside her, as far as it would go, waves of pleasure slowly descended upon her, building in her loins and spreading outward. It kept increasing in intensity, overpowering her. Ultimately, it erupted into a slow developing orgasm so great, so extensive, that all she could compare it to was the Big Bang that created the universe! Then her lover came. Strangely, she could feel his seminal fluid inside her. It was not static and it seemed to be moving as if alive. It was warm and pleasurable. The warm tingly sensation spread into her extremities, my toes and fingers. She could taste its acrid flavor on her tongue. It was as if her orgasm had spread from her vulva to every fiber of her existence. She felt faint from the gratification of her lust. She started to pass out, but before she did, she heard her lover finish what he had started to say, “Of course you can take it all. You can do anything you desire — in a DREAM!”



Her eyes blinked open wide. It was still dark. She glanced at the clock radio. It was 1:30. What a strange dream. So real and so-o-o-o sexy.

Then she noticed that her bed was soaking wet. She was soaking wet and naked. What happened to my nightgown? What made my bed so wet?

She stepped into the bathroom, and noticed two cellophane wrappers on the floor and a small slip of paper. She turned on the shower and sat on the toilet.

When she retrieved the paper, it felt damp in her hand and except for the last four words the writing was illegible. She realized it resembled a slip from a fortune cookie. She read the four words one more time before she threw the slip in the toilet. ‘Waste not, want not.’ What could that mean?

Chapter One – Eddie Chang’s

Three young women were seated in a booth at Eddie Chang’s Chinese restaurant. An ice bucket with a bottle of Champagne waited beside the table.

Jill sighed, while she tapped her fingers on the table and scanned the entrance, “I wonder what’s keeping Gail?”

Rita glanced at her watch, and said, “Calm down Jill. You know Gail. She’s often late for our luncheons.”

Jill had been in high spirits. She was anxious to trumpet her exciting news, and she was waiting for her closest friend, Gail’s, arrival. Jill dug her cell phone out of her Luce leather handbag and speed-dialed Gail’s number.

Saundra asked, “Shall we go ahead and order? I’m famished and the heavenly aromas emanating from the kitchen smell delicious.”

Jill waved her hand signaling for quiet. “Gail? Hi, this is Jill. Is everything all right? Where are you?”

A pert young woman, smartly dressed in a burgundy business suit arrived at their table. “I’m right here sweetie.”

Rita looked up and smiled. “Ah, there you are. Glad you made it. We were thinking about ordering without you.”

On opposite sides of the booth, Rita and Jill each slid toward Saundra who was in the middle. Gail glanced toward gorgeous Rita, nodded toward her and sat next to Jill. Then, addressing Rita, she said, “Sorry, I couldn’t help it. It’s as if my boss has a sixth sense when I have something planned. Today he brought me a twenty page contract to review at eleven forty, which had to be finished before I could take lunch.”

After weeks of trying unsuccessfully to get her friends together, they were finally all here. She assured Gail, “Don’t worry Gail, we understand. There’s no harm.”

Gail glanced warmly at Jill. She wasn’t gorgeous like Rita. Nor was she rich and sophisticated like Saundra. Still, Gail felt closest to Jill. She was nice looking – quite fetching actually – but her best trait and the reason Gail felt close to her was she was just plain sweet. Rita, Jill and Saundra had been classmates of Gail’s at Hofstra University. They, along with two other out of state friends had comprised the ‘Sexy Six.’ The four that remained in the New York area, also remained close friends.

Gail placed her hand on top of Jill’s while she looked straight at Rita and Saundra. “Gee, thanks Jill. I knew if anybody would understand it would be you.”

Both Rita and Saundra responded to this jibe with a little tender understanding of their own and some backtracking. Gail hushed them up. “Okay Jill. You brought us here for a reason. I believe you have some major earth-shaking event to reveal to us?”

Jill had a self-satisfied look on her face as if she had struck gold in her back yard, but she was reluctant to reveal her surprise, quickly.

“Yes. Please tell us your news,” asked Rita, “I have a photo shoot at two-thirty for the cover of Glamour. I can’t be late.

Look for part three on Saturday. This book contains forty-two chapters and is available at
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Erotic-romance for the naughty streak in all of us.
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