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Dee Dawning Books – Previews, Fortune Cookies (3)

Hello readers and hopefully fans. I have begun to post the first three chapters of one of my books, serial style, a thousand pages at a time Fortune Cookies. Here is serial #3. I hope you enjoy it.


Fortune Cookies

A Contemporary Erotic/romance Novel

Chapter One – Eddie Chang’s

Jill’s eyes had a mischievous spark. Looking to prolong her big news, she said. “Guess!”

Rita rolled her eyes and started to say something but Saundra cut her off, “You got a promotion – Channel Eleven finally made you anchor?”

“I wish. Good try, but that’s not it. It’s something better, something that has changed my life.”

“Did you win the lottery or inherit some money?” Gail guessed.

“Another good guess but no. This has nothing to do with career or money.” Jill informed them.

Just then the waiter came, and the fantastic four ordered – an appetizer plate, grilled vegetable medley, Chang’s special shrimp foo yung with low fat topping, spicy lettuce rolls and house fried rice.

After the waiter left, Gail joked, “Jill, are you going to tell us what your big news is, or am I going to break your arm?”

Jill threw her head back and laughed. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Don’t test me!” Gail warned.

Jill smirked, “Are you ready to make some decent guesses?”

Rita looking at Jill with a straight face. “I got it! You registered Republican.”

Gail coughed and spit out some fried rice. Jill gave Rita a disgusted look.

Saundra’s eyes had a flash of anger. “What’s wrong with being a Republican?”

Trying to head off trouble, Gail answered Saundra’s question, “Nothing, dear. Don’t worry about Rita. She’s just baiting you.”

Rita joked, “Saundra was born Republican.”

Jill had reached her limit. She slapped her hand down on the table, then said loudly, “Enough! Stop the squabbling right now! Since you continue to make a joke out of my surprise, I’ll just tell you – I’m pregnant!”

Three mouths dropped open in unison. For once Gail seemed to be at a loss for words. Finally, she managed to squeak out,
“Pregnant? For real?” Flashing a big smile, Jill nodded. “Oh, Jill, that’s so wonderful.” Hugging Jill. Gail asked. “This is such a surprise, when’s the baby due?”

“December 12th.”

Rita also hugged Jill and added, “This is so exciting. I’m sorry, I didn’t think of that.”

Everyone was happy for Jill except Saundra who unfortunately, was incensed. “How are we supposed to guess that, when you’re not even married? In fact, I don’t remember you even having a boyfriend. Who’s the father or is this an immaculate conception?”

Rita and Gail looked at Saundra with incomprehension, not believing the meanness in Saundra’s words, but Jill looked straight at her and replied. “Immaculate conception? Not hardly, but if you must call it something, call it a fortune cookie conception.”

Saundra had been trying to have a baby for a few years and since Jill, who wasn’t even married, was expecting a baby, she wasn’t taking this gracefully. “Fortune cookie conception!” Saundra blurted out, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

Jill now had everyone’s undivided attention. “You didn’t let me finish. I met someone. A wonderful man named Chad. We’re in love! Chad and I are going to get married and it all happened after I ate one of Eddie Chang’s Fortune Cookies.”

Incredulous, Rita demanded in a bemused voice, “What could a fortune cookie have to do with getting pregnant?”

Gail, who could see that Jill was getting upset, grabbed her hand and asked. “Yes Jill, please tell us how the fortune cookie fits in.”

“Don’t you see? That’s why I brought you all here. I wanted you to find happiness, like I have. I wanted you to eat the special Fortune Cookie.”

Glancing at her friends, Jill saw nothing reassuring in their expressions.

Gail grabbed and held both of Jill’s hands and said, “Jill honey, I think you’d better start at the beginning.”


Chapter Two – Jill, three months earlier

Jill’s friend and new co-worker Beverly, stopped beside Jill’s desk. “I know this fabulous Chinese restaurant. Do you feel like having Chinese for lunch today?”

Jill looked at her friend for a second and replied, “Hmm. Sure, why not? Sounds good. I haven’t had Chinese in ages.”

The restaurant Beverly talked about was Eddie Chang’s, a bistro on Sixteenth Avenue. Jill couldn’t remember ever seeing a Chinese restaurant there, but there it was. She decided it must be new, even though it didn’t look it. In fact, it looked old, dated. She assumed that since Chinese cuisine wasn’t one of her high priority favorites like Italian, she probably hadn’t paid attention.

Nevertheless, the food was superb, the service impeccable, and the prices reasonable, except for the special fortune cookies.

They didn’t give them to you at the end of the meal as is customary in these restaurants. You had to order them and they were a steep twenty dollars a pop. Jill wasn’t going to get one but Beverly insisted. She said it was the specialty of the house. “Eating one of these fortune cookies can result in a life altering experience,”

Yeah right, Jill thought. She found out how true that was.

A small, Chinese man, with a Fu Manchu mustache brought out the cookies with great fanfare. Jill did a double take when, staring into her eyes, he said, “Me, Eddie. Aww, so pretty! You will make your man so happy.” Setting two fortune cookies in front of Jill, she noticed they looked just like regular fortune cookies wrapped in cellophane, but they were RED instead of tan.

Jill was startled. So, one of the strangers in my bizarre dream last night is real.

Beverly was as excited as a six year old at Disneyland. She read the fortune of her blue cookie out loud, “‘the business world is like chess, in which most have not a clue, if your goal is success, this cookie is 4 U. Waste not, want not.’”

‘Waste not, want not’ Jill thought, that was on the slip of paper on her bathroom floor.

Beverly ate her cookie, and urged Jill to open one of her red cookies. Jill’s fortune read, ‘This cookie of love is no hex, the nectar of life is sex, should love be your desire, a cookie for you each, as you retire. Waste not, want not.’ That saying again. Beverly smiled at Jill. “Go on eat one, but save the other for your partner next time you get… you know … intimate.” She was serious.

Jill laughed quietly, “I wish! I haven’t had sex with anyone in six months, and the cookie might be hard as a rock by the time I have an opportunity to give it to my sex partner.”

Beverly nodded and smiled in a wry all-knowing manner. “Honey, your luck is about to change. Be prepared to be swept off your feet.”

Jill thought about what Beverly said and found it hilarious.

After she stopped laughing, Beverly asked, “What’s so funny, Jill.”

“Nothing, really. It’s just when you said I would be swept off my feet. I thought I could use a good sweeping.”

Now Beverly was laughing and soon Jill was joining her, laughing once more.

Look for part four on Monday. This book contains forty-two chapters and is available at
I invite your comments.

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