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Dee Dawning Books – Previews, Fortune Cookies (6)

Hello readers and hopefully fans. I have begun to post the first three chapters of one of my books, serial style, a thousand pages at a time Fortune Cookies. Here is serial #6. I hope you enjoy it.


Fortune Cookies

A Contemporary Erotic/romance Novel

Chapter Three – Eddie Chang’s

“My God! Are you losing your mind? You actually masturbated in front of this man. A stranger?” Saundra asked incredulously, after Jill had told her friends about meeting Chad and heading towards his apartment to dry off.

Jill looked at her uptight, sometimes bitchy friend and replied, “That’s right! Sucked and fucked him too! Can you think of a better way to get to know someone?”

Shocked by Jill’s rare use of profanity, Gail burst out laughing, followed by Rita.

An elderly woman at the next table looked sternly at Jill and whispered to her elderly companion.

Even Saundra smiled. “No, I suppose I can’t. What I don’t understand, is why you are so sure it’s the fortune cookie that made you act that way. After all, you could have just been smitten with the man. He does, after all, sound like a dream.”

“Oh yeah, he sure is, but I know the fortune cookies work. Let me tell you why I know.”

Jill could see that her friends were waiting to hear more, because they sat right up and leaned toward her expectantly. “You remember Beverly, right?” They all concurred and Jill continued, “After my night of torrid sex with Chad, my clothes had dried sufficiently to wear them to work. When I arrived at work, I looked for Beverly, anxious to tell her about my evening. I looked in her cubicle but she wasn’t there. I asked her assistant, Sherman, where she was.”

“Poor guy has a crush on me, so it’s easier to avoid him. He told me she had been moved upstairs, promoted to Assistant Producer.
This is a big deal. I wondered how she had swung that and then I remembered the blue fortune cookie and the slip of paper. “The business world is like chess, in which most have not a clue, if your goal is success, this cookie is for u– waste not, want not.’ She wasn’t promoted one level; she was promoted five levels at double the salary.”

“After several attempts I reached Beverly. She apologized, saying she was too busy to talk right then, or join me for lunch, so we arranged to meet after work at Charlie’s for a drink.”

“We met at Charlie’s at five thirty, and I told her about my dreamy night. Beverly knew how it worked because the same thing happened to her a few weeks before me. A friend had taken her to Chang’s, and she ate one of the red cookies. About two hours later, she met Clifford, a staff assistant to the Mayor, while covering a story. Clifford and she were in bed, at her place, within four hours of downing the cookie. She said it was like an out-of-body experience. There she was, looking down on this familiar looking woman who was doing things that she would never do. Eventually, she conjoined with her body, and wondered why she would never do those things. She and Clifford have been inseparable in the four months since.”

Jill paused, giving Gail the opportunity to ask, “You have mentioned cookies. How many different cookies are there, and what do they do?”

“I’m not sure. I only know there are red and blue for sure, because I’ve seen them both. I think there may be others, maybe white, but I’m not positive, because they’re not on display.”

Rita was fascinated. “What are these other cookies for? Can you take whichever cookie you want?”

Jill, again was noncommittal. “Actually, I have no idea. But you have to begin with the red one.”

Saundra joined in, “Why is that, I’m already married. I don’t need a boyfriend. Why couldn’t I skip the red and take a blue or whatever cookie.”

“I know you’re married dear,” Rita jibbed, “but I’m not so sure your husband knows it. He may not be right for you. This sounds like a way to find out.”

“Rita, what do you mean not right for me? I’ve been married to him for six years.”

Jill didn’t give Rita a chance to answer. “To answer your question Saundra, everyone has to start with red. The theory is; if your love life is lacking nothing else will work right. After that I don’t know.”

Gail had an impish smile on her face. “Tell me Jill. Just how did you manage to get Chad to take the other red cookie?”

Jill gave the girls a beatific smile and said, “You’ll hear about that when I tell the rest of my story.”

Chapter Four – Chad’s Apartment, three months earlier

Chad’s apartment reminded Jill of a saying she’d once heard – ‘one’s character is revealed in the way he or she lives.’ That being the case, she felt Chad’s character was top notch.

The small one-bedroom featured contemporary furnishings. It was neat and clean, except for about a dozen dishes sitting on the drain board. Chad used posters of actors, old and new, from Gary Cooper to Johnny Depp, for wall coverings. All the posters were male, which again made Jill anxious about his sexual orientation. He had a small bookcase, which contained titles about acting, with a few scattered King and Koontz novels.

Jill continued to wear Chad’s sweater and had the blanket wrapped around her waist but she was still naked as the proverbial jaybird underneath. She had been mistaken about Chad’s actual height. He was over six-feet-two and with her being relatively short at five-feet-four, he towered over her by almost a foot. After Jill had put her wet skirt and blouse in Chad’s stacked washer/dryer unit, he invited her to sit, which she did. As Chad set the dryer to the gentle warm cycle, she just knew that he would be gentle and warm as well. She settled on his sofa and he offered her something to drink. She settled for a glass of water. He opened a light beer and brought her a glass of water, setting both down on the coffee table. Jill’s heart skipped when Chad sat down on the couch. This would not do. She wanted…no, she needed to get Chad in bed and she was now terrified of him. She was afraid to look at him, so while looking at the floor she asked him, “So how come a great looking guy like you isn’t married?”

Chad chuckled. “If I were to answer that question, you would think I was conceited.”

“Try me,” she said, wishing with all her heart that he would.

Look for part seven on Monday. This book contains forty-two chapters and is available at
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Erotic-romance for the naughty streak in all of us.
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