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Dee Dawning Books – Previews, Fortune Cookies (8)

Hello readers and hopefully fans. I have begun to post the first three chapters of one of my books, serial style, a thousand pages at a time Fortune Cookies. Here is serial #8. I hope you enjoy it.


Fortune Cookies

A Contemporary Erotic/romance Novel

As Chad’s beautiful eyes drank in her attributes, he reached out and pulled her to him placing his hands on her now hard nipples, flicking and rubbing them tenderly. She shivered at his touch. His eyes examined her mons. He seemed to be drawn to her nub which dangled alluringly slightly below her well trimmed pubis. She thought she would pass out when his tongue found her sensitive clit, and a hot bolt of electricity shot through her.

She couldn’t stand anymore and sat down and lay her head against the armrest. Chad bent down while spreading her legs. One of her legs ended up over his shoulder as he buried his beautiful face in her trimmed genital area. Another hot bolt of electricity shot through her when his tongue entered her bursting sex. She grabbed his head and came in seconds

Holding his head in place as she recovered from her orgasm, She could see a sparkle in his eyes, which were looking along her prone torso straight at her. Chad said, “I love the view from here. I also love to suck on your clitoris.” Her then sucked her nub and continued flicking his tongue over it. She was getting as aroused as before but he was making it very hard to try other things.
She took his head and raised it to her welcoming lips. After a long wet kiss, she said, “I need to feel your cock inside me.”


She pushed him back and rose. The only remaining item of clothing was his jeans. After bending down, she dragged them down, over his ankles, then rose once more. “I’d like to see your bedroom now.” She grabbed his hand jerking him to his feet, whereupon he lifted her straight up and eased her down onto his stiff upright member as she guided it in. Ahhh. It felt just like her fantasy in the car. It filled her up but didn’t stuff her. She wrapped her legs around his and nibbled on his earlobe as he walked clumsily into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom he set Jill down on the dresser. He was still inside her, thrusting her methodically. She looked down and watched his magic wand disappear then reappear within her. His arms were now free, so he fondled her breasts again. As good as her fantasy had been this was better. He fit inside her perfectly and stroked her tenderly but firmly. She had never experienced intercourse this wonderful. She never even knew it was possible and Chad was so sexy. It almost made her come to look at him.
His lean, slightly haired chest. His flat washboard tummy. Her hands felt behind him and kneaded his tight buns, while his cock continued to pummel her hungry pussy and his hands roamed all over her body. She then pulled him in tighter, which allowed his rhythmic pounding to rub her clitoris. She was closing in on an orgasm. She was almost there. She could feel it out there, then when Chad took her nipple in his mouth she exploded. Stars flew everywhere as he rang her bell. She bent down and found his ear with her mouth. She bit down on it and suddenly Chad thrust forward. He was cumming. He was grinding his cock into her vagina and clitoris. It felt so good, so natural. She loved it. She wanted more, much more. For the rest of her life. She wanted Chad. She loved Chad. How could I love Chad? I only met him five hours ago. I don’t know, but I know I love him and I think he loves me!

She was in sexual nirvana. Jill thanked the gods that Chad wasn’t gay. Then she recalled, my dream lover had mentioned the gods. How strange this all is.

After she came while she was on the dresser. thinking of her dream, she came again and then Chad came again. They moved to the bed where Jill, with Chad’s semen running down her legs, was so fucking horny, she’d rung the bell a few more times – she’d lost count.


Suddenly she opened her eyes and saw daylight. Jill hadn’t remembered going to sleep. Maybe she passed out from exhaustion.
She looked down and she was still naked. She noticed a couple love marks but was no worse for wear and felt completely satisfied with no more urges for sex. Then she noticed Chad, lying on his side facing her. Opps, he had a hickey on his neck. She hopped he didn’t mind. Then her gaze wandered lower. Protruding slightly out past the sheet was the head of his penis. She slowly pulled the sheet away so as not to disturb him and examined the wondrous object that had made her feel so womanly. Reaching over she touched it. She hadn’t had an opportunity to look at it last night so she examined it. It was semi-hard, perhaps six inches long.
There was a tiny drop of pre-cum at the opening. It was clear and reminded her of dew on a flower stamen. She bent down and flicked her tongue across it to taste the semen. It had a creamy texture but no discernable taste.

She needed to get to work so she decided to stop, until Chad moaned. It turned her on to excite her new lover. Had she only met him twenty hours ago? It seemed like weeks. She started to perform fellatio but decided that it would be fascinating to watch his ejaculation. She had never before watched a man ejaculate. Hell, she had never seen a lot of things about a man, even urinating.
It was time she learned. She went into the bathroom and rifled through the medicine cabinet. Bingo, a tube of petroleum jelly. Back in bed, she put some on her hand, closed her fist around his member, and began to stroke it – slowly at first then in increasing intensity. Still moaning, his eyes were now open.

“What a great way to wake up,” he said.

She melted once more from Chad’s dazzling smile.

He scooted over to her sex and began to tickle her fancy with his hand. He then stopped her long enough to guide her to straddle his chest, facing his hard penis. He positioned her bottom so that it was adjacent to his mouth. With his tongue he alternated between entering her vagina and teasing her clitoris. She continued rapidly jerking his distended manhood with her fist as if in a race to see who would climax first. Jill won. Accompanying Chad’s pleasurable groans, wild spurts of cum exploded from his penis, some even reaching her hair. After an initial eruption of five or six spurts, each diminishing in intensity, the force of the thick, creamy white fluid reduced to a stream running down his masculine shaft, some of which ran over Jill’s hand. This erotic display of nature plus Chad’s busy tongue brought Jill to her very own powerful orgasm.

When they had both climaxed, Chad rolled over and went back to sleep.

Jill, needed to get to work and entered the bathroom. After taking a shower, she dressed in yesterday’s clothes, which had dried.

She was at the bathroom sink applying her makeup when she felt Chad’s strong arms around her. She turned around, observed
Chad’s nakedness and sensed a returning sensation in her loins.


“What’re ya doing? Gorgeous.”

“Getting ready for work. I missed all afternoon yesterday and there’s a story I need to check out.”

Concern flashed across his face. “You weren’t going to walk out of here and never see me again, were you?”

That was something that was in the back of her mind. “Not unless that’s the way you wanted it.”

With emphasis Chad said, “Well, that’s not the way I want it. I think we’ve got something good going and I want to be with you.”

Jill was a little skeptical about Mr. sowing my seeds. “And I want to be with you, but I’m not a good time girl. Honesty in affairs of the heart is not always a good thing but I’m going to be honest. I am very attracted to you and could easily fall in love, but I will not be the next bottle of wine to be sampled.”

Smiling Chad joked. “I would say I’ve more than sampled you. I drank the whole bottle and I’m drunk with desire for Jill Sinclair 2007.” With apparent sincerity, he continued, “Jill, I don’t want a fling. I want something permanent. Come back to bed with me and when we’re finished, I’ll drive you where you need to go.”

A tear formed in Jill’s eye. She looked over his nakedness once more. “Doesn’t your weapon ever take a break?”

“Not when it has someone as lovely and talented as you in sight. It wants you! I want you – permanently!”

“Are you sure/”

He nodded and took her hands

“Once you get me, you won’t be able to get rid of me. I refuse to be your next discard.”

“I would never get rid of you. Didn’t I say when I found someone special I would marry her. Well I’m going to be honest now.

Marriage has flashed through my mind, but for now I would like us to live together.”

She hugged and kissed Chad passionately before heading back to bed.

That’s four full chapters. This book contains forty-two chapters. This book is available at
I invite your comments.

Look for a serialization of other books in the near future.

Erotic-romance for the naughty streak in all of us.

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