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Getting Naked at the Hilton, Excerpt Four

WARNING: This is a very SEXY book!

Here’s Excerpt Four from Getting Naked at the Hilton. This one has a little bit of everything in it. multiracial, menages. hot steamy sex and a great ending I can’t go into.


Excerpt 4 R rated

Excerpt Four – Adult

When Rachel opened her robe showing the works, I was flabbergasted. When she giggled and didn�t close the robe, I realized she wasn�t just flashing me. That�s when I understood what she meant by getting naked at the Hilton.

How in hell, am I going to keep my hands off while we talk?

Her athletic, lean body flaunted its beauty like a work of art. High, firm breasts with light brown nipples, and flat stomach flowing into graceful thighs had my mouth watering and my cock straining. When she took the robe off, tossing it on the couch and turned around to show me the everything she had, I had to bite my tongue to keep from groaning out loud.

“I’ve never done anything like this before.” She performed a sexy pirouette then a strut around the coffee table. “This must be how a stripper feels. It’s a thrill having your intensity boring in on me. I trust you like what you see?”


I swallowed and choked. Clearing my throat I started again. “Oh yeah baby. I’m lov’in it!”

She had thin muscled legs like a dancer, terminating in the very fine buttocks that I had felt up at Pussy Cat’s. Her only adornments were the pearl and diamond pin in her navel and the colorful necklace I remembered from the club. Otherwise, she was naked. Beautiful, luscious and fuckably naked. Ooh, this is going to be so hard.

After spinning slowly three times and prancing around the coffee table, she sprawled onto the sofa. “What do you think?”
“Fantastic,” I murmured huskily.

She smiled and said, “You�re sweet. What about my flat chest?”

“Beautiful.” My eyebrows lifted though my eyes didn’t stray from that tiny movement of her breasts as they lifted and fell with her breathing. I was mesmerized by that movement.

She sighed exasperatedly. “How about my rear?”

My eyes fixed upon hers. Was she serious? She wanted me to pick her body apart like a grocery list. “Exquisite.”

She smiled. “You’re good for my ego.” Turning serious. “Is there anything you don’t like? Nobody’s perfect.”

“You are! You’re beautiful,” I replied, a little incredulous. “Unless you�re fishing for compliments to get me horny as hell?”

I gave a–come hither–wave of my hand. “Come here and I’ll show you just how beautiful you are and horny I am.”

At least she smiled before she wagged the–naughty-naughty–signal at me. “It’s time for you to shed your clothes, too. Then we can talk. Here’s a robe for you if you want it.”

“Will I get to wear it very long?” I asked, starting to unbutton my shirt.

“Not really. Being naked in front of you makes me nervous as a turkey in November. I need a drink. How about you”

“Gonna get me drunk to loosen up my inhibitions, huh?”

She laughed. She had an infectious laugh. “Yeah, I felt your inhibitions on the dance floor. Do you want a drink or not.”

A Five Diva review from Dark Divas Reviews.

Here’s an excerpt from their review;

This is a awesome book. With many twists and turns. And lots of great SEX!. In public bathrooms, on a plane, and best of all the messing around on the floor of a casino. There’s more but I’ll let you find out on your own.
Oh and I absolutely LOVE the ending.

I give this book 5 Delightful Diva

Getting naked at the Hilton will be available from eXtasy at midnight February 14th – Valentines Day. That’s a week from today. Trust me, if you like sexy, saucy reading, it’s a must read.

Dee Dawning
Erotic-romance for the naughty streak in all of us.

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