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The reviews have been rolling in

After a couple month drought, I’ve received reviews on several of my recent books. I’m happy to announce that all were good and highly rated. Here are four recent reviews I received for LEGS

Legs By Dee Dawning

Title: Legs

Author: Dee Dawning

Genre: Contemporary erotic romantic thriller

Length: 227 pages (45,000 words)

Heat Index: Steamy – Volcanic

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Rating: 5 roses a Recommended Read


Mallory Robbins, a top fashion model and fast rising movie starlet, wakes up in an unknown location after a blissful night with an exquisite lover, having no memory of her whereabouts.

Enduring a severe headache, she becomes terrified when she catches a glimpse of herself in a dresser mirror wearing the authentic coverings, including a veil, of a devout Muslim woman.

Things become worse when a woman also dressed in traditional Arab garments, visits Mallory to inform her that she has been chosen to become Saudi Prince Ali’s fourth wife and the one that soiled her is to be beheaded. Then she remembers. Friday night at Jojo’s, Drew, the best oral sex of her young life, her lonely drive home, Drew, more sex and then…?

Dee Dawning has managed to write an truly intriguing story with one surprise after another mixed with love scenes that would serve to make you hot under more than just your collar. Her characters Mallory, Drew, Page, Robbie – to name a few, were thought out to perfection. With elegant ease, Ms. Dawning has spawn truly human characters that make you laugh, cry, cringe and get turned on with them. And the ending, I have to tip my hands to a very powerful weaver of tales.

For your ever so wonderful talent that brings us a story so beautiful and endearing as well as intriguing, Ms. Dawning, this reviewer is pleased to give you a rating of five roses.

Ebony Starr – The Romance Erotica Connection


Saturday, August 09, 2008
REVIEW: Legs by Dee Dawning from eXtasy Books

Title: Legs
Author: Dee Dawning
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic and Beyond
Publication date: May 2008
Publisher’s Rating: 5 Flames
ISBN: 978-1-55487-063-9
Length: 227 Pages
Format: e-book
Reviewer: WitchGiggles

How does a beautiful girl thank a hunkalicious man for rescuing her from an odiously drunken fool? In Mallory Robbins case, she does something she’s never done before and lets him into her home for one night of absolutely sinful loving. That doesn’t explain waking up with no memory of how she ended up in another place, dressed as a Muslim, and supposedly promised in marriage to some wealthy Arab Prince she’s never met.

Having spent a night living out his every fantasy of loving Mallory, Drew Stevens finds himself kidnapped,bound and in danger of being beheaded for sleeping with the woman the Prince wants to marry. Now he must find a way to not only escape, but rescue the woman he’s fallen in love with.

I found Legs a read full of sexual escapades while maintaining a serious undertone throughout. Dee Dawning has given us a book full of charismatic, witty characters while maintaining his plot line with plenty of action. There is never a dull minute anywhere in this book and it will keep your interest from first page to last, but I have to admit the ending is perhaps the most intriguing.

Posted by reviewer: WitchGiggles

Alternative Read categories Genre: Erotica/Contemporary, Review, Reviews by WitchGiggles


by Dee Dawning
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Release Date: 05/15/08
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-55487-063-9
Pages: 227
Format: E-Book
List Price: 4.99
Author Page: Dee Dawning
MR Reviewer: Krystal
Buy now!

MR Review
by Dee Dawning

Mallory Robbins is a rising star as a model and an actress. While at JoJo’s Bar and Grill with her friend Paige she meets Drew Stevens, a gorgeous man that excites her. They leave for a wild night of hot love. Soon she is unconscious and kidnapped. She awakes dressed like an Arab woman and a terrible headache. She has been chosen to be a Saudi Prince’s fourth wife. But where is Drew? He is locked up, awaiting his execution for soiling Prince Ali’s betrothed.

I was very caught up in the action of Legs. It was so hot and mysterious that I was instantly under its spell. All the characters are well written and well thought out. I don’t think Dee Dawning missed a single thing when writing this story. Fast moving plot and oh so sexy, I would like to see a sequel that went into some of the other characters. Not many books get you curious about the side characters.

This story is definitely for those who like a little mystery, suspense and steamy passionate scenes. The relationship between Mallory and Drew will leave you panting. I loved some of the witty conversations and the way everyone interacted. I felt the whole story was well thought out and fit together like a glove. Legs will make you oh so hot under the collar!


Contemporary, Erotic and Beyond
eXtasy Books
Sensuality Rating: 5 Flames
ISBN# 978-1-55487-063-9
227 pages
eBook – Available May 15, 2008

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Drew Khalid Stevens is a relative of Prince Ali, a Saudi prince. He has been hired to kidnap the lovely Mallory, and instead he falls in love with her.

Mallory is a gorgeous blonde model who has a pair of legs that are fabulous. So exquisite is she, that a Saudi price, Prince Ali, wants her to be his fourth wife. She has no choice in the matter.

This is an intriguing romantic story, full of love, suspense, fabulous sex, and cultural differences.

I anticipated this book a month before it came out because Dee Dawning did an excellent job promoting it, and it was in fact as good as it was made out to be. I loved it. It was steamy and sexy, but the intrigue was fabulous. Dee painted such mystery, mixed it with love and sex, and came out with a colorful portrait of life. My only disappointment that the ‘girl’ didn’t get the ‘guy’ I’d hoped she’d get. If you like romance mixed with mystery, you’ll love this story. It is a must read!

Dee Dawning writes because he is compelled to. Too many ideas are floating in his head and he has to transfer them to paper. In the two years he has been writing seriously, he has written three published novels and three published short stories, with a half dozen in the works. When it comes to erotica, he only writes straight sex, between two and sometime three partners. He has written f/f, but stays away from deviant sex. To him, sex is a celebration of life and he treats it as such.

Desiree de Cleves
Enchanting Reviews
May 2008

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