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Erotic Authors: What makes them Tick? Revisited #4

Dear reader,

As a consumer of erotica, have you ever wondered how the writers of those titillating stories, which make us wet or hard, come up with their wild scenarios. Are they writing from experience? Do they have fantasies? Have they indulged themselves or are they all talk and no show? (like me.)

I’m Dee Dawning and I’m going to put these kinds of questions to some of the top Erotic Authors in the business.

I don’t care what they eat. I want to know who they would like to eat or ate! What motivates them? What gets them going?

Shall we find out?

This week’s person of interest is highly acclaimed author Adriana Kraft.


Welcome Adriana, seeing how we are trying to get a feel for the sensuous writer, my questions may be a little pointed, so if you have a problem with a question, just go to the next one.

First question:

How did you start writing erotica?

Let’s see, we’re a married couple, and you have to ask?? Actually, we don’t exactly write erotica – we write erotic romance. Our heroes and heroines end up reasonably content if not swinging from chandeliers! That doesn’t imply that they end in traditional monogamous relationships. Perhaps, but there may commitments among three or more persons. We write erotic romance because it’s fun for us to write and our characters have a blast stretching our limits. What we thought we wouldn’t write a few years ago is now integral to storylines and character development.

Wow. That makes me wonder how many other writers are actually a dynamic duo? Tell us, how long have you been writing erotica and would you prefer to write anything else?

We actually started with romantic suspense and got consistent feedback from editors that we handled sexual tension well and our sex scenes were hot. At about the same time erotic romance was picking up and the e-pub world was seeking erotic romance submissions, so we decided to try our hand (so to speak). The rest, as they say, is history!

Do you feel you offer anything special to your readers?

You mean, besides hot sex and enticing characters? Actually, we do write with a bit of a mission in mind. We especially lift up the place of bisexuals and delve into the continuum of sexual relationships. This permits us to get into swinging, voyeurism and ménage. It’s rather challenging at times to describe all the possible entanglements…Something else special is that we’re writing for both genders, offering scenes that partners might enjoy reading out loud together.

Adriana, what are your writing goals?

Doing what we’re doing now, but selling more and expanding our readership. Our characters are constantly doing battle with one form of ism or another – sexism, racism, ageism, classism and so on. We like pushing those issues without preaching, letting our characters wrestle with matters that are real to them, to us and to readers. We may write fantasy, but it’s often difficult to separation fantasy from reality, and we like it that way.

Do you have a favorite erotica or erotic romance author or authors?

Too many to mention! Seriously, we’re part of an amazing group of very hot authors, Midnight Seductions, and love to read all of them.

I know exactly what you mean. Writing erotica and erotic romance, you are assumed to be a sexual person. Do you have any sexual hang-ups?

Oh, we might have a few left. We had more before we started writing. Expect some character will come by and point out another for us to contend with. They do keep us on our toes.

As an erotic writer and a sexual person, do you have any sexual fantasies?


Oh, did you mean you want to know what they are? Simplest answer – read our books! For starters, sensual scenes involving incense, candlelight, soft music, ocean breezes, time travel, a mustache gently tickling her where it counts the most, letting the tassels of a silk scarf travel ever so slowly along his torso towards the target. The fantasy of several pairs of hands pleasuring one lucky recipient is high on both our lists, or just about anything else involving more than two partners…

Sounds wonderful. Tell us Adriana, have you acted out your fantasy? If you haven’t would you consider living out your fantasy?

Many of our fantasies have come to life, often spurred on by our writing. But we’re rather open to new ones. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on sexual fantasy – at least we haven’t discovered one yet. An aside, one of the fun aspects of delving into paranormal from time to time is the freedom to create new worlds and thereby stretch what is or is not possible. Some of our characters can be quite convincing that if you can think of it, it can happen!

From where do you get your main characters?

From life experiences, from dreams, from musings, from observation. They seem to be everywhere. Sometimes we have to be very still to listen to them. They do have points of views and can jerk us around fairly hard if we think a plot should go in one direction when they are headed in another. Turns out they’re always right!

I know exactly what you mean, Adriana. Now, what is your preferred style, when writing erotica, ie. m/f, f/f, m/m, mfm, bdsm, etc?

You had to ask! We like to mix it up. Usually we have the combos that three or four people of both genders can come up with. We have written mild bdsm. So far only once have we done m/m. That really surprised us. Expect there will be more of that in the future.

What do you personally look for in a sexual partner?

Spark, adventurousness, sensuousness, playfulness—in a committed relationship, for ourselves and for our characters, we expect greater depth of emotion, to the extent that the sexual and the spiritual become inseparable. Not all sexual partners end up in long term committed relationships…could go on and on here!

Have you ever crossed any sexual taboos, ie. sex in a public place?

Of course. But we only whisper to each other about taboos. Some matters are best left as mysteries.

If so, did you regret it? Or maybe found it exhilarating?

No regrets!

Which celebrities or other well known individuals, if any, do you drool over?

Which one of us? This is a his-and-hers question – she drools over Johnny Depp, Robert Redford, Richard Gere, not to mention Dee and Nina. He drools over every female character we write…

Dee? (raised eyebrow) Yes, I have to admit I do a little of what he does. LOL Do you sometimes get turned on by your own erotic writing?

Absolutely yes – if we don’t, there’s a problem! We often joke about the hardness or wetness factor. Very helpful for writing, but can get in the way when editing. Difficult to focus.

Yes, I hear it’s difficult for the editors and proof readers as well. Tell us, do you do anything about it?

We often read scenes we’ve written out loud as part of foreplay. We hope our readers will, too. If it doesn’t work for us, it won’t for readers. And then it’s time to revise, revise, revise.

Have you ever participated in any of the wild scenarios of which you have written?


Oh, there you go again, wanting details! Short answer – of course! Which ones? Read our books and guess!

In your estimation, what is the sexiest book/story you have written? Do you have a sexy passage that you would share with us?

Can we give you two, one from each of us?

Be my guest.

He especially enjoys the fire imagery in this excerpt from Seducing Cat, coming to Whiskey Creek Torrid in April, 2009 (she thinks he just wants to be the flame…)

Later, Cat came downstairs and surveyed the darkened living room. Her skin heated as she was flooded with visions of their first time together on the carpet in front of the easy chair. Would she ever be able to use this room without remembering the three of them laughing and exploring?
She’d damn well try. She shivered from a chill and pulled her robe tight around her body. She’d exorcise them from this space if it was the last thing she did. Cat placed kindling in the fireplace and in a matter of minutes had a fire going. She breathed her first breath of satisfaction since early morning. A fire would help restore her soul.
She curled up in front of the fire and watched the flames leap and dance about. A wisp of smoke made her cough, bringing tears to her eyes. She rubbed them and concentrated on a log that was being eaten away by two tongues of flames.
The flames nipped at the log which at first resisted easily. Gradually, they burned through the bark and began nibbling at the log’s inner layers. The log crackled, but could not resist the incessant lapping of the flaming tongues.
Cat closed her eyes. Her loins ached. Her cheeks grew warm from the fire. She dozed, hardly aware of the victorious flames.
Cat coiled into a ball treasuring the flames licking at her ear. Had she become the log? Where did reality end and dreamland begin? She leaned into the tongue burrowing into her ear.
Heat from the flames caressed her naked breasts. She basked like a kitten. Flames began to nip at her loins. She widened her hips, not wanting to impede the flames. She tingled and quivered under the steady attention of the flames. They’d started a fire deep inside her. She wanted more. She had to have more. She slid her fingers down toward her mound seeking relief.
They intertwined with fingers already there. “What?”
“Don’t worry,” whispered the familiar husky voice. “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. You’re so warm. Let me love you.”

She picked this yummy f/f scene with a touch of voyeurism from Writing Skin, sequel to The Diary, coming to Extasy May 1st, 2009 (well, of course, he’d like to be the person watching…)

Luci paid no attention to Frank once Chai settled on the bed. She’d been waiting for this moment seemingly forever. She held out her arms and Chai glided into them, crushing their breasts together. Their mouths collided. Giggling, they chased each other’s tongues. Eventually they slowed to a saner pace.
Urgency was replaced with awareness that they were where they wanted to be—Luci had no need to rush to get somewhere else. In that shifting moment, Luci experienced an overwhelming sense of being loved. While it was a rare feeling, it wasn’t totally foreign.
Chai’s mouth encircled a breast and her palm covered Luci’s pussy. Luci raised her knees, placing her feet flat on the bed. Fighting for breath, she bucked against the finger penetrating her folds, seeking her heat. “Oh yes,” she whimpered, as Chai curled that finger upward toward her internal button. “I want to come for you.”

Very nice. Both of you. What is your most current release? Please post a short blurb or tell us about it.

Mistress of Purgatory Point is coming to Extasy January 1st – let’s hear it for the older heroine! This book has m/f, f/f, m/f/m, voyeurism, a taste of bdsm, ghosts…endless possibilities!


Not quite fifty, recently widowed Martha Richards has just purchased the old sturdy house at the tip of Purgatory Point overlooking Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. She and her pastor husband often dreamed of retiring there on their summer canoe trips. Now, she welcomes the solitude and time to hone her jewelry making craft.

Forest Ranger Dan Ford, her reticent neighbor to the south, thinks the aloof newcomer has no clue what it takes to survive North Woods winters. Reluctantly, he volunteers to help her prepare the place for the inevitable blizzards.

Martha is shocked when local shop owner Natalie Bjorg says her jewelry exudes erotic passion. Natalie doesn’t stop there, but explains that as the new Mistress of Purgatory Point, Martha now holds the key to release its two ghosts: Ben and Stella have been trapped between worlds for nearly a century, waiting for an owner of their home to discover a love that matches their own and set them free.

One man, two women and two ghosts keep love’s fires burning through the deep chill of a North Woods winter—but which love will hold the key?

Lastly, just for fun. What are some of you favorite words or descriptions (even off color) for various male and female private parts or what can be done to them?

Can’t say we have favorite words (characters sort of pick and choose in the heat of the moment what fits best for them)—we certainly have favorite things that can be done to them. But readers will have to read the books to discover what those are.

Thank you for being this week’s guinea… ah er, guest and sharing with your fans. I hope you have found our questions… umm, stimulating.

You’re welcome, and thanks for having us! Readers can find us at

11 Responses to “Erotic Authors: What makes them Tick? Revisited #4”

  1. Wow, first, HOT INTERVIEW! I didn’t know there were two of you and I think that rocks! Second, She asked everything I ever wanted to know and was afraid to ask. I think that sets this interview aside from the rest. I enjoyed delving into your lives if just for a moment and I can’t wait to read more of your books! You should be very proud of all your work and I hope you have a great day!

  2. I didn’t know you were a duo. How cool is that. Very nice interview. I love the cover. How did you get such a good one?

  3. The whole writing duo scoop was fascinating. I love reading erotic romance and can’t wait for Mistress of Purgatory Point.

  4. Thanks so much, Val, Annette and Cathy! Covers? Martine Jardine at Extasy Books has done the covers for all our Extasy releases, she’s marvelous (and won an Ariana award, you can check it out at ). We’re always thrilled to see what she comes up with.

    We’re having a great time writing the books – hope you enjoy reading them!


  5. Great interview, Adriana! Speaking from experience, really hot sex scenes are hard to edit. LOL

    Marci Baun

  6. Hi Marci, thanks! Too true – they require a lot of going over. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!!


  7. I have to laugh. I had an editor on Getting Naked at the Hilton, who admitted the same thing. She had to keep going back because she would get involved. Especially the sex scenes.

    So not only are good sex scenes a bear to write, they’re also difficult to edit.


  8. I really enjoyed the interview and topic!
    I think it would be interesting and really good for a relationship to write erotica together! Um, and yeah acting out some of the fantasies would be yummo too!
    The idea of reading it out loud to each other would be fun too!
    Love the blurbs and the cover posted!

    Chris J.

  9. Great interview Dee!

    What a great way to combine work and pleasure Adriana!! At least your critique and research partner is close!! LOL

    And I love the cover and blurb of Mistress of Purgatory Point! So kewl!

    Hope 2009 is your best year ever!

  10. Thanks Kim, Your input is appreciated.


  11. Hmm, Dee – a bear to write? not at our house lol! Check out my blog today over at Midnight Seductions about The Erotic Scene, or anothr hot excerpt I’ve posted at!

    Thanks, Kim and Chris, for your comments, too!


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