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Five Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read for Love and Seduction in Las Vegas

Love and Seduction in Las Vegas by Dee Dawning

Love and Seduction in Las Vegas by Dee Dawning
Publisher: Book Strand
Genre: Contemporary erotica

LoveandSeductioninLasVegas_Front-Da sm

Summary: Thrust into her life one night by peculiar circumstances, Loretta Bishop, seventeen years Bobby’s senior, has been tasked with taking the shy, modest pretty boy under her wing and turning him into a lady’s man. Free spirited and sexually adventurous, Loretta is eminently qualified to teach him the elements of pursuit, seduction, and how to please women. At first, being with Bobby seems like a dream, but clouds begin to gather from Loretta’s spotty and sometime sordid past. Feeling guilt after Bobby asks to marry her, Loretta is no longer able to continue and runs away. Now, it’s up to Bobby to put the methods Loretta has taught him to practical use. Will he succeed and parlay his new talents into love, wealth, and power?

[Erotic Contemporary Multiple Partner Romance: Contains graphic sexual content and adult language.]

My Review: You are sooo going to need a box of Kleenex and a good bottle of wine before this tale is done.

The story starts out a little different then I am used to, both points of view are used and I have to say it was really refreshing. We meet Loretta, or as she likes to be called Ella, in the bathroom of a casino in Tahoe, CA. She is working her shift and is bone tired. She meets a lovely young girl with her beautiful daughter and is captivated by her blue eyes. She begins to recall the only other person who had eyes like she did.

From there it is a whirlwind of her past life and times. We meet Loretta at a young age hurting and desperate to make something of herself. We see her progress and change and become a very sexual woman, self confident and unthawed by what people might think of her.

As the story unfolds we meet Bobby, a very shy insecure boy who needs help with his love making skills. He has been shunned by his wife and left behind by her and a casino pit manager. Loretta agrees to help him on the condition that they don’t fall for each other, the big reason being their age difference, she was 17 years his senior.

In the week they spend together, they become very close and Ella, just can’t get over the fact that Bobby looks like someone from her past. But as we all know we can’t always have a great book with no conflict or hurt and yeah now is when you need the Kleenex. Bobby says some things that hurt Ella and she leaves him. She can’t believe he would use what she had done in her past against her and she can’t believe she has feelings for him.

Months pass and we get to see everything from Bobby’s eyes and for the first time I was thoroughly upset with the whole story. The way he treats his wife is appalling and yes I can understand he was hurt but what he does to her is demeaning and just not right. But I was determined to see this story through, I thought surely there has to be a redeeming quality here, maybe it was the hurt talking and acting in this and I needed to give it a chance.

I was glad I did, as everything comes to a head we find out about his wife’s childhood and we see real remorse for what Bobby has done to make her problem worse.

In the end, more than ten years from where we started everyone’s lives have been woven together to form a truly romantic and heart felt feel good book. If I have anything negative to say it is watch your dates, Ms. Dawning refers to a particular date more then once, but when you see it repeated through the latter half of the book it has changed from June of 1976 to June of 1985. Easy mistake and truthfully it didn’t distract from the story.

All and I was left with a big ‘ol sappy feeling in the pit of my heart, I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something sweet but a little naughty.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read Amanda!


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