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My Sexy Meeting with Diana Ross

RossI think I’ll write about the time I met Diana Ross. You know the lead singer of the Supremes and later solo, making dozens of record albums and some movies.

Let me start by saying that when I met Diana Ross around thirty years ago, she was a very sexy lady. Yes, I know she was skinny as a rail, but it was a very sexy rail.

Now, before I go any further, for those who don’t know, I’m a white heterosexual male and before I met Diana, I never gave much thought to her. Yes, I liked her music, some of which are classics and I thought she was attractive in a slinky sort or way, but until I met her, I had never thought of Diana Ross and sexy on the same page let alone the same sentence.

I met Diana one afternoon in Las Vegas in a home she was leasing, I happened to have built. It was a strange home, that I had been tasked with building to be a tour house the upcoming Home Builders Convention. The home was a Joint Venture between House Beautiful Magazine and the American Wood Council.

But enough about the house, this is about the siren Diana and me. She had called my office and requested the meeting. It seems she was considering buying the home and wanted to know if certain changes and additions were possible. Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it?

When I arrived, she answered the door in a satin robe, sorry I forget the color. She was wearing her hair short then, but really it was always her intriguing face that brought out her sensuality. She suggested we go into the kitchen and I followed her. Now, admittedly, Diana is slender but her derriere is not. It showed loud and clear through the satin robe as she sauntered down the hall to the kitchen.
In the kitchen, we settled on opposite sides of the large center island, where she discussed and I wrote and sketched her thoughts about the possible renovation. We were finished in about ten minutes and after saying I would check on some things and get back with her, I thought she’d show me out. But she didn’t. Her intense gaze gave me the impression she was studying me. Was she sizing me up? Finally, she said, “I’ve been a poor host, would you like something to drink. Beer, wine, soda?”

I agreed to a beer. She pulled two cans of Miller Light out of the Sub Zero, walked over and handed one to me. She took a long swig out of hers, eyeing me as she did. But that wasn’t all. Out of the blue, she started talking about how she loved roling in the hay, having strenuous sex with a well built, well endowed men. She didn’t just say it once, but several times, rephrasing the same subject as she went.
Is she coming on to me? Nah, it couldn’t be. I wanted to jump out of my body and see what she was seeing. I knew I was fairly good looking, but I was neither well built nor well endowed. When I finished my beer and set the can down, she smiled seductively and threw both cans in the trash, then without asking retrieved two more beers. On her trip to the refrigerator the top of her robe had become rearranged and when she leaned forward I could see the protruding nipple of one of her breasts and she leaned forward a lot.

I’d like to say I was stiff as a board and hot to boot, but I was too nervous to act. I was a lamb to a lioness. For me to be able to perform, I have to be perfectly comfortable and many times with a new partner I am unsuccessful. If she wanted sex and I was reasonably sure she did, I was equally sure I would disappoint her and her probable disappointment backed me off.

When I didn’t respond in kind to her provocations, she cooled off. Soon we were back to a cordial business relationship. As she showed me to the door I said I would get back to her and she smiled and said, “Please do.”

That was the first and last time I saw the very sexy lady as I informed her the next day with a phone call the things she desired weren’t possible.

I think of that day from time to time. Is it a true story. Did I embellish it? I’m a writer, what do you think” Nevertheless I guarantee ninety percent is true.

I know it’ll never happen,but I’d just love to write Diana’s memoirs. Wouldn’t that be a kick.

Hmmm. That was fun. Maybe next time I’ll tell you about Cher
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  1. Ive own my sub zero for 10 years now, I wouldnt think about buying a different one.

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