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Orgasms, Orgasms, Orgasms, Love them Orgasms

Orgasm. I love that word. You should too. After all it feels fantastic. Doesn’t it? Unfortunately the feeling only lasts a ridiculously short time. There’s not a lot of data on this, but I’m guessing an orgasm lasts seven to fifteen seconds.

Seven to Fifteen seconds? All that work for seven to fifteen seconds of bliss. For the men it’s dressing up, ninety-seven dollars plus tip at a fancy restaurant, Sixty dollars plus tip at a cocktail lounge, not to mention the gas and flowers, all for say ten stinking seconds. Christ that’s about a seventy-two thousand dollars per hour. For ten seconds. Even Michael Jordan might have trouble matching that.

It’s not free for the women either. Beauty shop, manicure, pedicure, new dress? Sexy four inch heels? Sensuous lingerie to be removed at the propitious moment? You figure that one out girls. All for ten seconds. (assuming the lady doesn’t have multiple moments of ecstasy)

It’s a good thing it feels good getting to the orgasm, too or we might be extinct.

Anyway back to my word—Orgasm. I think it sounds sexy. How about you? It’s sexy, feels great and that’s why you have sex, right?

Maybe not. Some of you—women more than men—may have sex for other reasons and some not at all. While researching this article I came across some disturbing statistics.

For instance, 70% of women have never had an orgasm with a man. Hmmm. How can that be? Female partners? Vibrators? Fingers? Nothing at all? You tell me. On top of that 48% of women have faked an orgasm. In addition, 25% of men will get turned down by their own lovers over half the time. Their partners apparently think sex is a chore. Maybe, just maybe that’s why so many men stray. Women too, because it’s obvious there’s problems on both sides.

More facts

Average length of time it takes a woman to have an orgasm: 20 minutes. Average length of time it takes a man: 2-5 minutes.
Half of girls have had an orgasm by the time they’re 16 years old.
44% of men say their female partners always have orgasms when they have sex. 22% of women say they always have orgasms when they have sex.

About 1% of women are able to achieve orgasm solely through breast stimulation.
63% of college women say they’ve had multiple orgasms.

Anatomically, all women’s orgasms arc centered in the clitoris, whether they result from direct manual pressure applied to the clitoris, indirect pressure resulting from the thrusting of penis during intercourse.

Women are naturally multi-orgasmic and most women are capable, if she is immediately stimulated following orgasm, is likely to experience several orgasms in rapid succession.

Although women’s orgasms do not vary in kind, they vary in intensity. The most intense orgasms experienced by the research subjects were by masturbatory manual stimulation, followed in intensity by manual stimulation by the partner; the least intense orgasms wore experienced during intercourse. What? Blah!

Now, tell me ladies and gents (if there are any out there) Would you have sex more often if you could have longer orgasms? I know I would?” Tell me if you would, if you could experience longer orgasms what would be your ideal length? Thirty seconds, one minute, two minutes, five minutes? More? Get serious. You’d be catatonic after five minutes. I deciced two minutes would be ideal. That’s about ten times the length of the average Or-r-r-r-r-r-gasm, Wouldn’t that be a gas?

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