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Dee Dawning Books – Previews, Fortune Cookies (2)

October 25, 2007

Hello readers and hopefully fans. I have begun to post the first three chapters of one of my books, serial style, a thousand pages at a time Fortune Cookies. Here is serial #2. I hope you enjoy it. Fortune Cookies A Contemporary Erotic/romance Novel Part I Prologue, Over 18 only, please She was unable to […]

Another Dandy Review for LEGS

October 14, 2007

Hi there, Excuse my shameless plug for Legs, but it just received the fifth review of at least 4 1/2 stars. This one is 4 1/2 stars from one of my favorite romance sites, Romance Junkies. I’m very proud of the reception this book has received, so don’t be surprised if you see a sequel. […]

Is it Erotic or is it Pornagraphic

September 28, 2007

An ongoing discussion within the erotic writing and reading community is to define the difference between erotic and pornographic and when does erotic writing become pornographic. There’s a similar discussion going on with romance writers and readers of when does romance become erotic. Since I don’t read or write straight romance, I won’t get into […]

Getting Naked with Fortune Cookies, The Excerpts (7)

September 28, 2007

I’m back with another hot two-fer of my existing book, Fortune Cookies and my upcoming Erotic (very erotic) romantic novel, Getting Naked at the Hilton. Here’s the next two-fer: Fortune Cookies, It’s a Hoot! Chapter Fourteen Gail wakes up hung over after a wild drunken night at her Brother-in-law Joe Spinosa’s Italian restaurant with Rita […]