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Sharing the news

December 16, 2007

I received some great news last Thursday. My book, Fortune Cookies made the final cut and is now officially a finalist for an EPPIE award. If you haven’t heard of Eppies, it’s sort of like Emmys but for eBooks. It is considered one of the highest awards an eBook can receive. I won’t know until […]

Starting Next Week

July 27, 2007

Next week I’ll be starting a new feature called Erotic Authors – What Makes them Tick? I will be interviewing some of my contemporaries. I’ll be starting with some of my fellow authors from Extasy Books, Home of my whimsical frolic, Fortune Cookies and my upcoming sexual romp posing as a love story, Getting Naked […]

Silly Things

July 15, 2007

Hi everyone, For anyone that happens to have been following my writing, I invite you to visit a new Blog I have started called Silly Things. It consists of among other things, some of my early, pre-book writing scribbles, with an emphasis on humor. On shorter pieces I will also throw a joke in […]