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Book Covers, One more Time

I had to change my covers around again so once more I looking for opinions. This time it’s for real though as the cover we select will be used. Thanks for your opinions.

Cover One

Cover Two

Cover Three

Cover Four

Cover Five
Golden Nugget

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Dee Dawning
Erotic Romance for the naughty streak in all of us

2 Responses to “Book Covers, One more Time”

  1. Dee,

    I like cover #5 with the Golden Nugget and “Las Vegas” looking like lights are in the letters. BUT, I wish the woman’s face was more dominant on the cover and the casino more in the background. The story is about her, right?

    I liked all the covers, actually. Good job!


  2. Hi Dee,
    I liked a combination of three of them. I like the pic of New York New York since it’s the nicest casino of all the ones you’ve got here and gives a contemporary feel to the cover. I like the girl in book #2. I don’t like animation on books covers. And I like the Las Vegas wording from cover number five.
    Makes you appreciate what a great job Tina does, eh! I wouldn’t attempt to do my own cover. Hard enough to write the stories. Good luck,

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